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I was a manager for Carmax for 13 years when they first started business back in 1993ish. It was a great company.

They did the 125 point inspection and spent many hours inspecting the vehicle before the sale. They had a great training program in Service and Sales. But all that changed when Austin Ligon retired as CEO and Tom Folliard took over. Then they got rid of all the great mechanics, did away with the complete inspection program, provided cheap tools for the mechanics and hired mechanics they could pay cheaper.

They got rid of detailing process and the cars are no longer detailed like they use to be. They replaced some great sales managers who were at the top of the pay scale and replaced them with managers off the street they could pay less. Those new managers really did not know anything about customer service and it became quantity over quality. It is no longer a Great Company to work for or to buy from.

Sure you can still get a good car there but you really need to be careful because the quality is not what it used to be. It used to be the we would do anything to satisfy the customer but no longer. It is just the ways things are today. It's all about the dollar, the bottom line.

Carmax believes they are too big to fail.

Time will tell. - Just telling the truth here folks.

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