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I bought last year (10/07), I've put 18,000 miles on it.I needed 2 new tires (250.00) the radials were sticking out and the kicker my brakes started to squeak on Sunday so I park the car. I bring it in for new pads on thursday (I own another car to drive) the guy tells me I need new rotors.What?

18,000 miles he not telling the truth so I tell him to box up the old ones I want to see them. This guy is right these things are so corroded piece are falling off into the box.I pay (324.00).

I call Carmax (greenville sc) I tell them "hey maybe somebody missed something on my inspection but my rotors are shot Chris tells me "to bring it down Monday " I ask him please don't waste my time just to tell me it's wear and tare. Long story short Chris tells me "yeah that would pass Carmax inspection" are you kidding me?

they really are used car sales men.I have pictures of these rotors maybe they can use them in their next commercial and see how much business they get . I'm giving corporate a chance to make it better but if not then of to BBB, the news paper the news and tons of blogging with pictures(*this is my third purchase with them 60,000$$ in the last few years).

Monetary Loss: $600.

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When I lived in Ohio my wifes explore rotors were *** after 30,000 total miles of driving, I hate salt :cry

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