Carmax Auto Loan Reviews

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Went to Carmax in Raleigh. Found vehicle agreed to purchase. Had a personal check for down payment and my financing through NationWide. They wouldn't give me vehicle until NationWide funds was in their acct. usually 2-5 business days. Even after they completed all transactions required by bank. Well, to bad for them I found a better deal. Same car, same price on a certified Honda. Cancelled and went with dealer who had me out the door in...
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I purchased an Audi A6 " 2006" - the car has been great. However, due to being layed off and job hunts - I fell behind on my payment 1 month and got caught up. Then a year later went through a divorce and fell behind again 1 month and once again caught up. I remained in contact w finance company. They granted me two extensions to get caught up. I was thankful. Meanwhile the late payment fees were paid! NOW ( today) they tell me I have a...
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