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I purchased a car from Carmax. I wrote a check for the car that was processed within 24 hours.

After the purchase, I discovered a severe vibration in the front end on the highway as a result of damage on one of the front wheels. I returned the car under the "no questions asked 5 day return policy". I was told that they would place a 7 day rush on the reimbursement since I paid for the car in full. Ten days later, I still have not been reimbursed AND they cannot tell me where they are in the process.

I would not buy a car from Carmax again.

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What in the world are you complaining about.

Where else can you buy a car and the dealership will return it no questions asked if brought back within 5 days. Yes it took some time to receive your money back but better than any other dealership where it would be oh well...

It's yours now, your stuck with it...


@John P

U work for carmax


fact of life, day after you want out of the deal... thats why dealers have set laws so that you can not do that.

I have seen people come "buy a car" and take a trip, then think they have 3 days to bring it back and try just that !

To much goes into getting a car ready to sell, you own it ! Would like to trade it in ?


wow, they took it back ? and you got all your money back ?

sure it might have taken time to get it done, but they returned you money ? took the car back ?

Sounds like they should be like everyother dealer and just tell you your stuck with it... is that the better/best plan ?


Hattrix sounds like he works for carMax


I'm tying to start a class action against carmax, so I need everyone that's had *** fom Carmax to contact me at carmaxsucks at yahoo dot com.

If you are a lawyer willing to take the case, please contact me.


@Trying to start cl*** action a

Class action lawsuits make lawyers rich, not consumers..... bad decision, good luck, I am sure you’ll find a greedy later though.


lol they just gave you the same number that was getting you nowhere. I feel your pain!


Just sitting here thinking about this issue, I will assume that I am not the only customer who has experienced the same problems with the Carmax 5 day return policy. It seems to me that the interest collected by Carmax while delaying reimbursement to customers is really adding up. Are there any class action attorneys out there who would care to look into this issue?

Frankie S

There should be a law that dealers have to reimburse within 3 days JUST like the law the dealers have when a customer buys a car, "for a trip" and brings it back, like hattrix explained in his/her post! What's fair is fair, right hattrix?

Also, hattrix says "to (should be spelled too) much goes into getting a car ready to sell, you own it" my comment to that statement is it's the sales person that gets the shaft when a vehicle is returned!

The people in the business office, and the people in inventory all get paid. carmax uses sales people as "order takers" and sales people are the money makers for carmax, but get the worst shaft doing other duties for FREE.


I forgot to mention that the car that I bought is back up on the Carmax website. It is a blue 2007 Saab 9-3.

One of the front wheels is damaged, which causes severe vibration on the front end.

If anyone wants to buy it, you should get a great deal on it. It's already been paid for once, by me!!!


I spoke with Paula at 800-519-1511 today. She was not helpful.

She immediately asked me if I had provided proof of payment to Carmax in the form of a cancelled check. My check to Carmax in the amount of $18,035.88 cleared on 11/4/10. Carmax has been collecting interest on my money since 11/4. Yet, Paula feels the need to question whether or not my payment was good.

Apparently, she is trained to question the integrity of customers as the first course of action. When I asked for Paula's manager, she indicated to me that she did not have a manager. Apparently, the buck stops with Paula. Perhaps she is in charge of processing my reimbursement, I hope not.

Also, after some considerable research on the internet, I found a phone number for Carmax corporate office in Richmond that did not send me to Paula at Customer Relations. I asked for Tom Folliard, the CEO, and Tom Reedy, the CFO. Neither of these gentlemen would take my calls nor have either of them returned my calls. The executive secretary kept putting me back thru to Paula at 800-519-1511.

I did speak to Lee in Public Relations who was offended that I called her. She also referred me back to 800-519-1511. I hope that I will be reimbursed soon. How long should I have to wait to be reimbursed?

Will I be reimbursed with interest? The folks at the Roswell Carmax location were as helpful as they could be within the parameters that Carmax Corporate allows. Let me reiterate, the Carmax 5 day return policy is a joke.

They will take the car back, you just won't get your money back for a long, long time. As of right now, Carmax still has my $18,035.88.


We can assist in providing you a status update if you give our home office a call at (800)519-1511. Thank you!


thanks for this post - I was going to buy a car from Carmax today but this issue has caused me to change my mind. Thanks

@almost purchased

Former corporate associate, I would advise anyone considering CarMax for their next vehicle purchase to reconsider. CarMax was founded on integrity and transparency however, the current leadership teams primary focus is ROI to its shareholders and therefore vehicle quality standards have suffered since opening in 1993 to help increase bottom line profits.

Buyer beware!! Signed not disgruntled and eligible for rehire :-)

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