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I purchased a car from Carmax. I wrote a check for the car that was processed within 24 hours.

After the purchase, I discovered a severe vibration in the front end on the highway as a result of damage on one of the front wheels. I returned the car under the "no questions asked 5 day return policy". I was told that they would place a 7 day rush on the reimbursement since I paid for the car in full. Ten days later, I still have not been reimbursed AND they cannot tell me where they are in the process.

I would not buy a car from Carmax again.

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I have purchased a car through Carmax, the service was average. The return process was uncomfortable, as expected, but nevertheless, I was able to return my vehicle during the 5 days.

Did my sales associate seemed upset, yes, but did I honestly cared?

A little bit, but at the end of the day, I am the one who will be responsible for the purchase. I'll give carmax 3.5 out 5 stars.


I have


Carmax is a complete ripoff and if you know anyone that is looking to buy a junker from them they should their duty and prebent at all cost to keep them away from Carmax..


How will I know that the car is in a very good condition if they only give 7 days to return it. After three weeks of purchasing a car from Carmax I have a coolant leak, oil leak, engine malfunction alert, and a couple other things.

I want to return the car but they won't let me..

how do they expect me to pay for something that isn't even running correctly. This place is a joke.


No way, they gave me no hassle to return my truck. This person has to wait an extra days or two and complains?

That does NOT warrant not buying there.

Getting the money back is easy. I also notice they never updated their review.


Amen! Similar situation.

But I purchased with trade in. Within 24 hours I came back to return and they refuse to give me my car and they will take my truck but won't give me my check back either!!!

So they will send me without a vehicle and no reimbursement and then say I owe them the negative equity!!!! Very very pissed off single mother!!!!


I sold my car to them on 5/17 and bought one from them as well. 5/18 I was presented an enticing offer from another dealer.

Within 16 hours I walked in, signed 2 papers and was given my original car back with no questions. 2 hours later I had the same year/model car, gap included, an extended warranty, a lower interest rate and I’m more settled with my experience. In the past we have purchased 7 cars from Carmax...I can’t say that any of the cars we purchased didn’t meet expectations.

We always purchased the warranty with them however, it’s common knowledge at least 40% of what they offer are fleet vehicles... I know most people don’t drive a rental or fleet car like they own it.


You never bought one what do you mean again ?


This post is redicolous! Grow up.


Truth be told you legally have 3 days 72hours to back out of any contract. Carmax just uses the LAW as a buy in gimmick.

And because 5 days sounds better than 3 why not give that little extra. Chances are you will not find the flaws until after the 1st 30 days when the legal warrantee given on all used cars (not all states) expires. Carmax and any other dealer knows the laws but they hope us the dumb consumer do not.

Make informed decisions people educate yourself on things that could affect you. Don't learn the hard way as many, myself included, have been forced to do.


Great point rick. carmax does use the law as a sales gimmick, and they are the slimeball of all dealers.

carmax even uses their sales people do administrative work, and other mandatory duties and only pays commission!

My point is not only do they skrew the customers, they skrew their sales force. I wish only the worst for this company and it's corporate folks.


Correct !!!! :-)


I worked at Carmax and believe me when i saw the amount of shortcuts they take on their so called inspection of vehicles, i quit. It truly is a shame that so many people will be taken advantage of because of them.

Carmax should be fined for all the bad cars they have sold to innocent people. Stay away from Carmax and keep your friends and family away from that place.


So can I still "legally" return in within 5 days or will they give me an excuse as to why they can't do it after 3 days? Their website clearly states 5 days. How can/could they then legally refuse a refund after 72 hours?


The 72 hour right to undo a contract is for door to door sales. Auto sales, unless you never set foot in the dealership, are not under this rule


Truth be told the state of Washington is a contract state, you sign the contract you have no recourse but to honor it. The only recourse would be if they couldn't get the contract bought as written, then you could return the car, because you could refuse to sign the new contract thus voiding the old one


That is absolutely erroneous. You do NOT have 3 days to back out of any contract.

That law applies to very specific circumstances, such as someone coming to your home and soliciting work, like telling you your roof needs repairing. I know you are trying to be helpful, and I'm sure Carmax is as bad as everyone says it is, but please be very careful what you write about the law.


Wrong....the three day rule only applies to door to door sales. If you go to a car dealer and buy a car it's a done deal.


depends on the state.


You don’t have a “3 day right of recision” in most states... that’s for Home Purchaes”