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I purchased a 2006 nissan 350z from carmax in lancaster, pa after I had it transferred from fairfax, va. This was my second 350z after my previous one of 6 years was totalled, so I was well aware of how the car should ride, and could easily spot imperfections.

I noticed paint on the headlight that matched the body of the car, and I started looking over the car more and more. It was 2006 with 62000 miles and the entire car had been repainted. Why would that be? And, the car was not properly painted.

All panels, lights, emblems, and weather-stripping were left on the car during painting, and every light, emblem, and piece of weather-stripping had paint on it, some rubber being completely covered in paint. What kind of reputable business allows such a slop job? So, along with a strange vibration noticeably coming from the left side at highway speeds, I took the car to a reputable body shop in lancaster that has been business for over 20 years. I told them how I just purchased the car from Carmax, and I pointed out the aforementioned flaws.

He said absolutely take the car back, its been repainted very recently. He began to look underneath the car and noticed that left rear suspension appeared to have been replaced, judging solely by parts number stickers (not worn off yet, and still legible) and the apparent visual age difference compared to the right rear suspension parts. Upon continual visual inspection, the floorpan underneath the drivers side had a large dent up into the floorpan, and the body shop also felt strongly that the left side frame rail may have been damaged as well, but they were unable to see that without removing panels. The carfax on this car was completely clean, yet a body shop advised me to return the car as they believed it had been wrecked.

So when Carmax claims they do not sell wrecked cars, that may not be entirely true. Carmax may sell many great cars, but if you are planning on purchasing a vehicle from them, use the 5-day money back guarantee and take the car a body shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Vehicle Inspection.

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The carmax in Lancaster is very professional. I would not doubt that the one in Fairfax va is a joke


So Carmax sold you a repaired car with a money back return policy and your upset because?

The next dealer will sell you a wrecked car with no repairs and no return and you'll be stuck.

BTW it's not unusual for a used car to have some paint and body work. A little paint does not mean "wrecked".


Unfornutaley, Quality is no longer an aspect of the carmax business model.

Welcome to the new CORPORATE GREED CARMAX.

This companies business model has become hide faults & hope no one discovers them...


There is a lot of truth to the above statement. A few years back carmax significantly altered their cosmetic and mechanical standards. This also allowed for a vehicle to receive a complete paint job when it would have been kicked to wholesale and not placed on the front lot prior. Once the decision is made to paint the entire car, it's farmed out to the lowest bidder to do so as most stores do not have the time & resources to perform this kind of job. An overwhelming majority of the associates and managers overseeing the reconditioning process do not have any automotive experience what so ever and issues like this slide right through to the front lot.

Bottom line:

The vehicles carmax sells are no different than any other dealer. They are able to successfully package and present their product and business model in a benign and sterile way to lure the uninformed buyer in.

If you are willing to spend $2-$3k more for the same car you could buy from a traditional dealer or individual seller, then go for it. It's your money. Once you do, I'd highly recommend you take it to a trusted mechanic during the 5 day period.

Frankie S

You tell em EXKMX! People need to know what carmax is all about.

They advertise they are "different than a traditional dealership" yeah, they *** without negotiating, thats how they are different. But the worse part is working there, and trying to sell their half-repaired vehicles!

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