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The sales pitch sounds great! Carmax is unlike any other (they tell you) when you are looking to purchase a used car, because they provide a 30 day warranty "in writing".

Sales personnel at all levels tell you that you have 30 days to visit the dealership's service department for "any" problem encountered under this warranty and it will be fixed. Upon bringing the car back for an item "covered" under the warranty, they refused to fix the problem, and now their response to my inquiries is, "Well, it is a used car," and they repeatedly refuse to honor their warranty!!!! The corporate customer care line is no help and simply repeats, "Well, it is a used car, after all." However, specific items that are supposedly covered under the warranty are NOT covered if they meet Carmax's standards, which are not provided to the customer until an attempt is made by the customer to have "30-day warranty" work completed. We are very disgusted with this company, its service personnel, and its managers, and will never purchase another car from them in Wisconsin or any other location.

We also purchased an additional 75,000 mile warranty, which allows us to take the car to have work done elsewhere, which we fully intend to do.

My recommendation: go somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I am writing this so that CarMax would reform itself and go back to what it used to be.

Reading the complaints from both customers and current or former sales representatives, I must agree that what they have written sounds like what I experienced from the Indianapolis store.

When I started at Carmax 4 years ago, the store was a fun and pleasant place to work. Unfortunately it began to decline when a new LGM took the helm. The new LGM, interestingly was one of the original employees of the very first CarMax. The main problem with him, in my opinion, is that he follows corporate rules to the letter. He is not a thinking leader, but more of a rookie police officer who tickets drivers for going 56 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Besides the new LGM, CarMax product and sales Rep quality began to decline about 2 years ago. This is why I left CarMax. Their 125 point inspection, I speculate, were not always followed by those inspecting the vehicles since many vehicles had mechanical and cosmetic issues. The Reps hired 4 years ago seemed like quality employees, but the new hires seem like they were recruited directly from a welfare line.

Yes, it is true, that you should never buy a Honda or Toyota from CarMax, unless you want to pay more for a used car than a brand new one. The best part about CarMax, to their defense, is that none of the Sales Reps can rip you off... unless of course you buy MaxCare extended warranty or any of their overpriced low quality aftermarket accessories.

Oh, if you want to return a car, they will make it very difficult for you to do so. They have a 325 lbs, 6 foot 6 inch manager there who is a preacher on Sunday, but will put you through *** if you try to return anything to the store.

All in all, however, CarMax is not a bad place to buy vehicles such as 2 year old domestics, SUVs or luxury brands. Regarding their pitch that they will buy every car they appraise…this is not entirely true. If CarMax does not want to buy a vehicle, they simply offer such a low amount for the unwanted vehicle that the seller is forced to go elsewhere. Smart.

Frankie S
@Former CarMax INDY Employee

So many unsatisfied customers.

Frankie S
@Former CarMax INDY Employee

"who tickets drivers for going 56 mph in a 55 mph zone" EXACTLY what is like working there.


CARMAX WARRANTY ALERT!!!!! I spoke with their corporate office today, complaining about their not honoring or not covering everything stated in the 30 day warranty.

The response and I quote,

" Sir, if the requested repair or complaint was not taken care of then it must have met our standards...HERE IS THE KICKER... I asked them to please fax me a copy of their "standards." The response was, and I quote, "WE CANNOT PROVIDE YOU WITH THE LIST OF OUR STANDARDS, THOSE ARE PROPRIETARY." Folks, there you have it! The warranty is purely subjective and discretionary. DONT WORRY ABOUT THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, DOROTHY, WHAT IS IN WRITING IS A LIE.


BBB, expect a third. Please BEWARE...please

Frankie S

People, beware of this company and do your research!


Glass (windshield) and paint, both of which are included in the warranty under EXTERIOR.


Interesting, I thought their rhetoric seemed a little too good to be true. Thanks for the heads up, I was looking at a BMW 5-Series there. RA

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