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I had a miserable experience with carmax. I recently bought a 2010 VW Tiguan from them with 50k miles.

The day after i brought it home it started misfiring durring shifting. I brought it to them and they said a tube in the engine had become detached. They fixed the tube and I went on my way. The next day I took the car on vacation and went out with my fiance for dinner and the car broke down.

Leaving us stranded. 2 issues in 5 days. Luckily for me this was on the 5th day of ownership so they promised me I could return the car. At the same time thank god we decided to take my "new" car and not hers or the 5 days would have expired by the time I got home.

So after a week and after ruining our vacation they got the car back to the dealership and told me the drive train had snapped. I told them I was deffinitly returning the car. They asked me of I wanted to swap it for a new car from them. I said only under the condition they pay for my personal mechanic to check it over.

They declined so I asked for my money back. They told me they would return my money in full but it would take 2 weeks. Leaving me carless for that period because I had already sold my old car to them. I finally recieved a check in the mail from them exactly 2 weeks later, no sooner.

And here I am 2 weeks later with no car still waiting for the check to clear.

I never thought find a decent used car would take a month but using carmax turned it into one. I will never use carmax again and I would suggest that be the case for everyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Awesome that you returned the car. Stay away from Carmax because they have their share of misconception.

Also a VW with 50k is not a good choice. Good luck

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