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I wish I had discovered this website before I had a horrifying car buying experience with CarMax. I didn't know this was the way car buying was supposed to be.

CarMax also sold me a flooded vehicle. It was a 2007 Saab that had extensive salt water damage, rust and corrosion. The vehicle had also been in a rear-end collision, which was never disclosed to me during the purchasing process.

I discovered all of this extensive damage when I decided on a hunch, and for my piece of mind, to have a lemon-buster auto inspector evaluate the 2007 Saab that I had recently purchased, which happened to be after the five day cut off, but before the 30 day warranty had expired.

After the auto inspector finished telling me all the things that were wrong with the vehicle and showing me all the salt water damage, rust on the motor mounts and corrosion on all the wiring, I almost had a heart attack. Never mind the fact that I had recently lost my husband from cancer, so he was not available to help me buy a vehicle. I trusted CarMax and they sold me a lemon.

I took the inspector's report to them and returned the vehicle. They tried to convince me that the damage was normal and that I should keep it. I told them if this vehicle is ok, then I want to sell it back to you.

I had to call corporate on them and show them what this weeping widow was made of. Only then, did they do the right thing and allow me to select another vehicle. Of course I paid to have the other vehicle inspected and it passed my inspection.

I got a great deal and now I'm loving my new Pathfinder, and I'm glad I didn't get stuck with the rusted and corroded Saab. As a matter of fact, all the other Saabs that I looked at also had salt water damage and rust.

I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. When shopping at CarMax you should keep in mind that you are not buying bells and whistles. They are incidentals. You are buying what's under the hood. If you aren't knowlegeable, have the vehicle inspected immediately after you drive it off the lot.

If you discover problems, have them repair it and return the vehicle if you don't want it and get another vehicle or a refund (if that's possible).

I also purchased a warranty from CarMax, but from everything that I have learned from this website, there is no way I am going to allow them to touch my vehicle. I will have my vehicle serviced by my personal mechanic and pay a higher deductible. It will be worth it to me.

All potential CarMax Buyers should beware of their scams, lemons and unscrupulous sales practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Vehicle Inspection.

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How *** is someone to buy another car from the same place that already sold you a POS?

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #853414

This website is not to criticize someones spelling. I understand people can't spell good, but that's not a reason to get pissed off.

You get pissed off because a company like carmax should not have this many complaints time after time.


This is a comment for the person who can not spell it is sell not sale.flood not flodd an inspecting not inpecting you ***

to Nac***e Branford, Connecticut, United States #610921

Nachelle, here is a comment for you: you are typical carmax corporate just the way you speak about a customer. I realize you must get sick of customers, but you need to be professional about it. This is exactly my point about carmax corporate.

to Nac***e Branford, Connecticut, United States #610922

Elaine2009, I agree with you. People should read these posts about carmax before considering going there. I think these posts gives potential buyers and sellers a good idea what to expect from carmax.

to Nac***e Branford, Connecticut, United States #610941

You have a mouth like a trooper! So some people can't spell that well, are you a spelling teacher?


ya my jeep has had a clog in the door drain now the breaks are going there is rust comeing threw the paint and the and some other thing i dont like that they would sell a car in this shape but they are fixing the problems so far


just had a vehicle transferred from CA (free thank goodness) The local sales rep claimed she specifically asked about rust and was told car was rust free - NO IT WASN'T - further it smelled BADLY of a CA wildfire and the car's VIN information sticker was missing with all the cars specks/born on date, etc... Things you may need to know for future repair parts.

The sales rep even looked at the car upon its arrival and told me it "was beautiful". Anyway it only took a minute of looking at it to know it was not "max worthy" - if I could figure that out - why couldn't they?


To agolden161:

Stick your comments up your mama's a%s and go play with yourself. That's why I posted my comments on this site so other unsuspecting, honest customers will not get ripped off by CarMax.


WTF, the only *** here is you. Don't ever buy a used car without an inspection.

If you are to inept to have a car inspected stick to new cars only. You have tons of options from VW to Nissan in the $25k price range.

**This website is for consumers who are taken advantage of, not ones that are to dump to educate themselves.**

to agolden161 Branford, Connecticut, United States #610923

agolden161, you are unbelievable! Buying a used car should be a good reliable vehicle and IF there are problems, the dealer should fix it very quickly!

You cant even spell dumb!! Just by listening to your arrogant reply, you sure do work for carmax!


I vehemently stand by my claim that CarMax sold me a used vehicle with extensive salt-water damage, rust and corrosion.

Because their reputation was on the line, CarMax did an honorable thing to redeem themselves and allowed me to select another vehicle.

Keep in mind they didn't offer to return the $25,000 cash I paid for the vehicle along with the warranty they sold me.

Furthermore, I am not a pissed consumer anymore since I finally got a vehicle that passed my personal inspection.

I am merely sounding the alarm so other consumers do not have to suffer what I experienced.

So - the *** *** that you are, it appears you work for CarMax and are trying to kiss up for your next raise. It's obvious that you do not have the consumers best interest at heart.

I don't need to calm down. It is you who needs to take your medicine, go back to school, and learn how to spell so you can get a REAL job and stop ripping people off!!!


CarMax does not sale flodd damaged vehicles! They also hold a standard of insecting a car for rust!

If rust is not perforating throught the metal then it's ok! You need to calm down understand that you bought a used car from a company that will return it and stands behind their vehicles!

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