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i went there yesterday trying to buy a van and when i got there they had ALL of thier vehicles at least 2500 or more OVERPRICED needlessto say i will NEVER GO BACK CAR MAX SUCKS then they had the balls to tell me my car was just ok when i walked around and looked at all thier cars mine was the best one there they offered me 4500 under what my cars real value was when one of the manufacturer dealer gave me way more for it.. that and the guy tried to argue with me over what i brought papers in stating so you know i feel sorry for you people that buy from them... you are gonna get screwed big time..

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carmax is lame



Your sadly mistaken, while not all the salepeople make 100k there are usualy 2 to 3 at every store that do. Look for the yellow/gold shirts. 6/hr lol if that makes you feel better while lifting your heavy boxes then think that.


It is without a doubt possible to make 100k a year selling at Carmax.

The average is way closer to 40k a year, but I work with one guy who does make 100k a year.

And it's easy.


Probably in dreamland....

No way in *** someone in Car Sales, especially @ Carmax makes 100k! Exception for if you are selling Ferraris', Lamborghinis', Bentleys',and Aston Martins or in California. I personally know BMW & Lexus salespeople doesn't even make those high marks.

Then, if you're including total salary amount for three years...then I guess I make over $100k for working in a warehouse.

Seriously, I find that hard to believe....


carmax is a great company some salesman make a 100,ooo a year part-time may br 35,000


They did the same "stuff" to me; twice!

One car was value at $775 but offered me $250. Which I should of tried selling it privately or use it as work commuter for my 72 miles a day.

2nd car (Which I traded in for) was $12k; *** me trade it in for $10k. That's okay, cause they tried selling it back on the lot for $15,500 (which was more than what I paid for brand new) and it sat there for five months. The price tag kept going down all the way to $11,400. So it back fired! :grin

I have spent $44k there: Two cars (on loans), service bills, and parts counter visits.

Yeah, there were hand full employees who treated me like a "loyal customer." Then the rest, gave me jealousy looks because I am 25, female who actually works for a living making almost double what their making. You know; HARD LABOR!! FYI: Carmax Associates only make $9.00/hr. Sales Consultant...when they're not selling; they get base hourly rate of $6/hr! Which is sort of on a loan until you sell again. I would pay to see all those jealous female Carmax associates stand in a foreign container and manually unload boxes of shipping tape that usually weighs about 35-40 lbs. I bet they would quit within five minutes!

About month ago, I was in there. And everyone in sales gave me dislike looks. No one greeted. So I'm like "Fine, enjoy watching that new Honda dealership (that’s being built at the moment) down the street get all the future Carmax business..." Not my problem! My employer is making their marks still and my job isn't in danger.


you should pull your head out of your ***! sales associates @ carmax are 100% commisioned.

listen to yourself you holy-than-thou ***! I bet you are as ugly as you are nasty

Frankie S
@carmax premoter

Sales people on average make just above poverty wages. The small percentage that make over 60k will probably put in 70 hours a week, use their own cell phone, and wont have any kind of social life. So do the math, and see what level of a fool each sales person is.

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