Austin, Texas

I went into carmax at Austin,Tx location. I saw a nice jetta for $9'000.

I told the saleman I got 7'000 dollars in the envelope for down payment that is huge down. saleman check online to approve me for $2'000 loan left over. they denie me and saleman and manager hassling me into different car and I says no that car only and final. they kept saying let look at lot again and again I says same no that car for 7'000 down now or never???

they wouldn't approve me for 2,000 $$$.....really???? wow I told them yall dont want this 7'000 $$@ that bad and I started walking told them you and car max are a joke and I took my business somewhere. I went to mazda and got a nice new car with my 7'000 down and only a 12'000 dollars car. I got it paid off in one year.

yeah carmax are a joke and they talk you into car you dont want. DON'T GO TO CARMAX!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Loan.

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Having worked for a bank as a loan officer, I can tell you that in some cases a loan can get denied for having too much down. It sounds like that might be the case here.

My bank would routinely reject car loans for less than $5k on the basis that they were easy targets for insurance fraud. That may be a factor in your denial...

Johnny J

I was a production technician at CarMax for several years. I now work for a VW dealer Volkswagens are a very different breed.

Theymust be maintained & serviced regularly. In fact the Passat is one of the most dependable cars on the road today. (Its true, google it). But if you don't take good care of them they fall apart and go to waste very quickly.

The crappiest VWs I've seen in my 17 year career was at my time at CarMax. Its only a theory, but I believe CarMax gets the broken down VWs cheap at the auctions & thats why there are so many of them on their lots.

Frankie S
@Johnny J

Hey Smack, that is the truth. carmax buys tons of fleets and rentals and BS's the customers that fleets have very strict regulations of maintenance done.

In my opinion, it does not matter that much because if a vehicle has been driven very hard, the maintenance means squat. Let me ask a potential buyer this: would you want to buy a used fleet or rental, OR a brand new vehicle, or even a used vehicle from a private owner?

My point is, a fleet or rental is MOST LIKELY been abused. That is the BOTTOM LINE.

Frankie S
@Johnny J

No matter what you buy must be maintained on a regular schedule. The problem for most people that own European vehicles is that they cost so much for maintenance that they just dont do it, and then pay in the long run. Being able to afford a vehicle doesn't just mean the sticker price, it also means BEING ABLE TO AFFORD THE TUNE UPS AND MAINTENANCE!

Frankie S

Clarification: What I mean by "junk" is a sales associate knowing carmax vehicles dont always get repaired during inspections, BUT have to sell them anyway. After a while, a sales associate loses all faith in the product.

carmax is responsible for that.

They advertise one thing, and sell another. This is not good business my friends.

Frankie S

EXKMX is right on, a 9k Jetta is just going to be an expensive nightmare. Buyers for carmax will even tell customers and sales associates not to expect too much for a European vehicle with high miles to set their expectations low.

Unless it's a Volvo, the BMW's, Benz, and VW do not have good resale. The sales associate should have told you that Jetta was not a good recommendation. I thought carmax trained employees to HELP the customer as much as possible?

carmax expects way too much from their employees, but refuses to put out great quality! My point is, it's not easy to sell junk.


Let me get this straight. You had $7k cash, which you were putting down on a 9k car and you couldn't get approved(?) How bad was your credit!?!

Either way, being denied was the best thing to happen to you. A $9k jetta is a going to be a complete POS and will eat through that $7k in equity in about 3-5 days. NEVER put that much down on any depreciating asset, particularly a disposable automobile like a jetta.

ringleader, you said:

"In reality, they go home at the end of the day, and cant wait to bash the customers for complaining"

The reality it many of us went home at the end of the day resenting carmax, its customers, associates and ourselves for putting up with all the BS that came with working there.

Frankie S

So sessa is consumer relations! That totally explains her attitude towards anonymous' complaint.

Isnt it ironic how CR people are the total opposite of what they should be? These people are trained to beleive that the "customers are always right". In reality, they go home at the end of the day, and cant wait to bash the customers for complaining! carmax has so many internal problems, that it's pathetic.

carmax CEO is basically a phoney (fraudulent) He may fool some of his employees with the free lunches and dinners but he does that out of guilt. Any company that forces employees to take surveys has real issues going on. (See other posts on what employees think about surveys) When a company is in business screwing people like carmax does, after a while they actually believe what they are doing is ok. It's called GREED, and greed brings out the worst in human beings.

carmax USE to be a good place to work, but the shareholders WANTED MORE, so the new ceo came along and things got worse for employees, and better for the shareholders.

It's business as usual, and its so awesome to listen to all the frustrated workers!! :p


Sessa you sound like a real hosebeast. Just sayin.


Hey Sessa! One of my best memories while working at CarMax was sitting in the breakroom reading a copy of "On the Road".

It featured a little article about the consumer relations team. It was a pic of Britt surrounded by a bunch of fat, unattractive women. Which one are you? You're one of those cows arent you?

Do you like what you do?Your job is basically to cover the company's lies. Yup, ugly inside & out.

Sara L

Ugly on the outside? Wow, can you see through your computer?

That's amazing! You should really patent that technology. :roll :roll I get so weary of idiots who insist that I must work for whatever company the poster is referring to, apparently I work for alot of the companies on this site. Where do I find the time?

It's a mystery. Actually jacka$$, the company I work for has never had a complaint on this site.

Frankie S
@Sara L

Idiots? Jacka$$?

If you dont work for carmax or are not a customer, why the *** would you randomly reply to comments? The company you work for must be making you frustrated if you bash someone's English.

I would guess you work in a customer service type job, just by your attitude. :upset

Sara L
@Frankie S

"If you dont work for carmax or are not a customer, why the *** would you randomly reply to comments?" Pot, meet kettle. LMFAO

@Sara L

Lies. Yes you do.

What on earth would make you come to to begin with? And out of the thousands of companies on here you choose Carmax? And after you haplessley fall upon this complaint you stick it to some poor foriegner who got screwed over? Youre not fooling anyone.

Where do you find the time? I'm guessing between 9 to 5. Its your job cow.

I know there are only a handful of you guys. I see your sentence structure, spelling, mannerisms even your little emoticons give you away every single time.

Sara L

Maybe your pathetic use of the English language made them wary. :roll :roll

Frankie S
@Sara L

Hey sessa, I am willing to bet their "English" had nothing to do with them getting an approval. You just sound like you are a frustrated employee of carmax, and that is totally understandable.

It sounds to me like you are really sick and tired of working with customers, and I know exactly what you mean.

So, if you want to vent, put down the company that is making you frustrated in the first place!

Frankie S
@Frankie S

Correction: not getting approved at carmax.

Frankie S
@Sara L

carmax must be so proud to have you as an employee sessa, and you must be so proud to work at carmax. Good for you.

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