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I purchased a 2007 Acura MDX on Nov 9th 2012 . It needed a few repairs and a quarter panel repainted ''they said it was not in accident but it was badly repaired why?'' They would not let me leave a deposit on the truck and approve repair before buying it .I had to buy it first thats how they do thing I was told. I liked the truck and thought it was a good deal. What a fool I am!!!!!

It is now 30 days later and it is still at the dealer . The service department has insulted me and lied to me so many times, I gave up and called corp. They said they would help .More lies ! Finally Thursday the General Manager /co-owner called me to assure me that it would be completed on Friday . He said he looked at it and more concerns were addressed and repaired and it looked great. I went to get it today and he lied. I have a written extention for the 5 day return policy from the Service Manager and they will not honor that .

From the first day of repair all I have gotten is the shaft. Lie after insult and it much worse but it just makes me feel like a bigger fool ,lets just say I will be calling my attorney Monday. I still have the loaner car but does that really help . NO!

By the way the only guy worth anything there was Scott the salesman. He had recieved many awards over 3 years of being there and was fired the day after I bought this SUV.

I beg you to not ever trust what is even written on a contract by these liars and disrespectful people from the dealer to corp customer service.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to anyone who was not involved with this or does not work at CARMAX!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Frankie S

One more note, carmax treats their employees like *** also! There are employees at carmax who have told me they would never buy a vehicle there! Imagine that

Frankie S

These posts keep proving me right! carmax does not care about the customers.

Once they sell you a vehicle, they try to avoid you.

Hopefully you wont have any problems with the vehicle after you buy it, but if you do service will try and *** also. This company is plain evil.


I wouldn't believe a darn word that comes out of any employee that works at carmax especially upper level managers after they have the cash I welcome the chance to face them in my small claims court lets just say other aren't happy with carmax that works in the judicial system they have had friends and family members who have been crooked by car max

Frankie S

Exactly right!

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