Laurel, Maryland

Took my Infiniti purchased through Carmax in for A/C Compressor on 6/25/14. Repairs took 3 weeks to complete with my service rep constantly calling with news that they needed another part.

Lucky I own another vehicle because the rep also repeatedly tried to get me into a rental at $40/day that would have cost me over another $800. When they finally got my car fixed and I go to pick it up on 7/18/14 one of my rear tires was flat. My rep put air in tire then drives car off somewhere to get a plug. Rep returns with car and says they did a plug and I'm good to go.

After driving about 10 min on my way home the low tire pressure light comes on. I pull over to check tire which did not look too low so I decide to add more air at a gas station praying that was all it needs. Even called Carmax but service dept was closed so the woman that answered advised me to go ahead and add air then call back next morning if I still have an issue. Woke up next morning Sat 7/19/14 to a totally flat tire.

Spet over 10 min on phone trying to get someone on from Carmax service before just talking to a sales rep. They ultimately connected me to so.eones voicemail to leave a message... what a rude way to treat a customer. I am still waiting a call back.

To make it worse I also noticed a strange "wooping" sound now coming from my engine. Carmax did give me a free oil change which I appreciated, but I had to ask for it and wait 2 days before I was told it was approved.

Would have been nice for them to take initiative to take care of a paying customer. As far as my tire goes, I'm just praying someone there is resonable and responsible enough to take care of me without it becoming another 2-3 week fiasco.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Oil Change.

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