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Dec 23, 2010 - I test drove and decided to buy a 2009 Ford Focus. The sales person took me to one of the small offices where they do a credit check for financing. Their interest rate was very high though my credit is excellent. I opted to pay cash. After I'd cut them out a check and bought insurance, the sales person came in and said that a side mirror on the car came off while the car was going into the carwash, they'd be replacing the mirror, and he'd call me on Monday, Dec 27 to let me know the status. I asked him what the extent of the damage was and his response vague. He said he hadn't seen the car for himself, but that they'd be replacing the mirror. He said that the 5 day money back guarantee would begin after the car was fixed.

After I'd signed the buyer's order, they gave me a loaner car, which I currently have until the car i've paid for is fixed.

In retrospect, I'm a bit sceptical of what carmax is upto. The buyer's order is dated Dec 23, so my 5 day money back would expire Tuesday, Dec 28. They haven't even committed to fix the mirror by Dec 27 - just said they most probably will. I feel I'm being cheated out of my 5 days, and that their service department is a bit sloppy. The service tech's body language was also very offensive when he said "when will he be returning the loaner car?".

Also, a month ago I had a car transferred to their Norcross GA branch for free, and the salesperson called to say that the car's wheel cover was damaged while transferring it. So the brokwn mirror - or whatever it is this time - was deja vu.

Monetary Loss: $12735.

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Amit S

@Nerdlinger - who the *** are you to comment?


100% fake/bogus complaint!!!

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