11450 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell, GA 30076, USA
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AVOID CARMAX ON ALPHARETTA HIGHWAY IN ROSWELL GEORGIA AT ALL COSTS!!!!! My Kia Sportage died a few weeks ago which forced us to buy a new and larger family car sooner than anticipated.

We immediately jumped to carmax since they could bring a car in out of state for us as well as be rest assured the car was mechanically sound. We purchased outright via check a 2016 Ford Expedition el. Although the purchase process went very smoothly we hit a brick wall upon having the car inspected. We took the car to our local auto shop and had them give us a good once over so we could tell carmax what had to be done (if anything) for no cost via their 30 day auto service policy following a purchase.

There was no major work to be done however the tire life was questionably close to the required pierce stage gone requiring carmax to put new tires on the car for no additional cost. My husband made the appointment and dropped the car off. The appointment was at 8am and we were told the car would be done by 1030 or so. Jon called from work, now the car would not be ready until 1230.

No problem. He called again, car would not be ready until 230, this continued with no explanation until 430 when Jon called and said he was coming to get the car done or not. Upon arrival no customer service was given. No straight answers as to why a few things (alignment, tire balance, new windshield wiper) took all day long even with repeated calls.

To our dismay the tires also measured just over the required sale tire life. Josh, the manager in the service department was called in and told Jon he would give us the tires at their cost price to make amends for being jerked around all day. Jon was to wait for a call the following day (Friday, a week after purchasing the car). Jon waited, no call.

He called at 6pm while we were on our way to dinner. He was informed that josh was on his way out the door. Jon told whomeever picked the phone up that he was angry, had been forgotten once again, and if they wanted our continued service josh better pick the phone up and answer his questions. After rudely being put on hold josh answered.

Jon reiterated that he had waited for a call all day, and now once again he was forced to chase carmax around for an answer. All we needed to know was the cost of the tires and when to expect them in. Josh told Jon he would leave a message for another manager in the service department who would coordinate with Jon Monday morning. Jon specifically asked if josh could confirm someone would call him given their already horrible reputation for not returning calls.

Josh confirmed "not to worry". Monday comes and goes. Jon called once again on Tuesday demanding to know what is going on, demanding to talk to a higher manager. No customer service has been offered to us since leaving their store with the new car.

The store manager Kenny green talks to Jon and apoalgizes and tells him that the tires will be taken care of. He will contact him Wednesday. We have had it. Today is Wednesday.

Today Kenny green has told us the best he can do is give us a $500 credit toward the tires. At this point we cannot take them at their word for anything! We didn't expect free tires. We were happy to pay their cost as originally agreed to.

No one could get us Jose numbers or order the tires. Well now we want free tires and to never work with them again! Even after Jon told Kenny green that we will no longer purchase cars from them ( Jon needs a new car come October and has purchase in full with cash two other cars in the past from the same location). Kenny green is willing to lose a lifetime customer over a few hundred dollars, a horrible customer service.

What is he willing to do next? He is a terrible manager and should be removed. After all of this, Kenny green did nothing else but hang up mid sentence on my husband. What kind of store manager does that?!

Avoid carmax on Alpharetta highway in Roswell ga at all costs. They only want your money and then drop you at the wayside when it comes to upholding their end of auto service for 30 days free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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