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I wish to complain about my Gray 2012 Nissan Altima (Vehicle Identification Number-1N4AL2APCC190974) that I purchased on Friday September 15, 2012 at your Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am complaining because of the following issues: Deceptive Business Practices and Poor Customer Service.

The reason why I am dissatisfied is because your organization has failed to keep its promise of selling me a good quality vehicle. Since my vehicle purchase on September 15, 2012, I have experienced the following problems:

-Defective Car Battery-the car battery went down during a road trip, and it was recharged. The battery went down again that could possibly be a defective or wrong car battery that was installed in the vehicle. Thus, it cost me $70.00 in towing fees to transport my car to a Nissan dealership (i.e. Charles Barker Nissan-Norfolk, Virginia).

-Failure to properly install Nissan Altima Front Brakes-I complained about the front brakes because they were continuously squealing. They ignored my complaint. The vehicle was taken to Charles Barker Nissan in Norfolk, Virginia. A vehicle technician did a diagnostic test on the front brakes. The technician noticed that CarMax had installed the wrong front brakes on the car.

-Failure to properly re-install Nissan Altima Vehicle Hubcap-After the correct Nissan Front Brakes were installed on the vehicle, the hubcap fell off of one of the wheels. Thus, it posed a safety hazard and it could have caused a serious accident.

-Random opening of car trunk-I contacted two CarMax Locations (Virginia Beach, Virginia/Marietta, Georgia) that vehicle trunk was randomly opening while the car was driven. This is a safety risk because it obstructs the rear view of the vehicle, and it creates a blind spot for the driver.

-Poor Customer Service-The customer service representatives in the Vehicle Repair Department are unprofessional. To illustrate, I spoke with the Service Manager about my car problems. I was upset because I purchased a new vehicle and it had numerous maintenance problems. The Service Manager was unconcerned about my car problems, and it took a long period of time to handle my vehicle complaints.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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Frankie S

It also seems like carmax service dept can't even repair the vehicles correctly. Carmax really sucks and people should also go on Facebook with their complaints.

Carmax doesn't want that! So do what those unethical folks don't want you to do.

Frankie S

Their "organization" by the way pulled their sponsorship with the L.A. Clippers and Donald Sterling (SLUM LORD,RACIST) Is it really any wonder why carmax would even be associated with this guy!


Agreed. I worked as a technician for carmax for many years.

That Nissan was most likely a former fleet vehicle that was aquired for next to nothing.

It was hosed off, marked up a few grand & sold to you. I'm so sorry.

Frankie S

This post is right on the money with carmax. Imagine a 2012 Nissan with all these problems!

There is no excuse in the world carmax can use to justify this complaint! Deceptive business practice is what carmax is all about!

Frankie S

I will tell you carmax vehicles are not quality vehicles. I have been posting on here several times about carmax vehicles, and I read these types of posts almost daily!

Not to mention the complaints at the stores from customers. The service department is a joke, and they dont give a rats butt about the customer.

Once a sale is made, carmax dont want to know your problems. These employees are so burnt out from all the issues they deal with everyday, they dont care.

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