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Try buying a car from Carmax who "Claims" they do quality certified inspection on their cars before they sale them, and they let you go off the lot with a battery in your car thats was to small and not sending enough amps to your car, which cause you to have to be jumped several times through out the year. When you finally had enough, you take your car to Auto advance and have the battery looked at and find that it was the wrong battery inside of your car and you call them with this issue before purchasing another battery and they basically s...ay *** out of luck.

Then you go over their head and call corperate and then they come calling saying they will only give you 50% of what you paid cause you didn't come and let them fix it, when you first tried to have them fix it. The moral of my Story is stay the *** away from Carmax and their crooked *** tactics. They new that *** battery did not belong in that car, someone was sleeping on the job.

The battery I bought cost $124. you mean to tell me that carmax can afford to pay that to keep a customer happy???

Monetary Loss: $123.

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No surprise. These CarSux crooks are the worst place to buy any car.

They sell GARBAGE and their "mechanics" are a laughable lot of idiots.

You've learned your lesson. Never buy from those CarSux crooks again.


Hate to tell ya, but just because the battery may have not been the correct factory size does not mean that the inspection of the vehicle was not done. Under the 30 day warranty, a valid problem will be fixed, including a bad battery.

You have a copy of it in your paperwork. I myself had a bad battery. My vehicle was over 50 miles away from the store, had to be towed in, and they gave me a loaner car to use until it was fixed. It was great customer service.

If you were under the 30 day, you should have been taken care of.

If you were not able to make it into the store for one reason or another, you can get permission from the service manager to purchase something, and the cost will be refunded to you. You should speak to the LGM(location general manager) of the store if you are having issues.

to Udontsay #1024342

You rotten S.O.B! carmax does inspections, THEY JUST DON'T REPAIR OR REPLACE THINGS THAT NEED IT! carmax will have the customer bring it back rather than spend time and money on the vehicle.


We have recently purchased a car from Car Max and had a very good time during the sale and the car is super. A 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis ls Ultimate edition.

No problems and great service with the customer. Visit them today for your next vehicle.


We have had no problems with Carmax. We bought a Tahoe with the entertainment package three years ago.

We discovered that the remote control was not in the car.

I bought one on ebay and then contacted Carmax. They sent me a check for the exact amount.

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