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I purchased a 2007 PT Crusier from the Local Car Max store(Fayetteville NC). I had temporary tags on the car and they were to mail the permanent ones when they came in...WELL ! I bought the car in Oct 2007 and I am now sitting here in JAN 2008 and still have NO...
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If you were such a great company you wouldn\'t need a pissed off customer toll free number would you!!!!!....??

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Carmax rip off

I’ve been trying to purchase a preferably black, 2002-04 Z06 Corvette. I thought I’d try Carmax, thinking as your slogan states “The way car buying should be”. This hasn’t been my experience. Here is a brief summary; 1. The Irvine location has three times told me or expressed that they had a particular vehicle in stock but they did not. One response was "we sold that several days ago" another was "It's out on demo and won't be back for a while”. 2. The LAX location could never answer a simple question about a vehicle‘s exhaust, tires etc.. "Oh, others have asked me about that". I can see that I was not alone in being ignored. 3. The latest, at the Duarte location. A 2004 Z06 shows up after midnight and is priced at approximately $31,988. I email the location about purchasing. Not more than an hour later, I go back to the site to show a coworker the vehicle, the pictures are removed and the price has been increased by over $1,500 dollars! This is "how car buying should be"? A customer shows interest in a car and the price is jacked up! Is there a computer program that raises the price of a vehicle when there is interest in it?
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I found a GTO (05) at Carmax in Fort Worth that i wanted, Called and had a buyers order faxed to me, showed up with the check and even pre purchased insurance on the car, thats how sure i was that i was going to buy the car. Car drove fine but when i looked under the hood i saw some rust i didn't like, looked under the cat and it was rusty from front to back, the transmission lines had rust coming off them, i looked at the other GTO they had (06) and it was missing the factory skid plate so i talked to the sales manager and he assured me they met there standards and the rust did not yet penetrate, i guess if theres no puddle on the parking lot it's good to go.

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Carmax Orlando

This is my first post so please bear with me if I make a gaffo. Also remember this is merely a reporting of my experiences at Carmax, your's may be different (my attorney made me say that... [yes I really have an attorney - this event is not over]) I bought a 2004 Chevy Corvette (C-5) in June of 2007 form the Carmax in Orlando, FL. The salesman said all the right things (e.g. we're different, we'll fix anything within 30 days etc.) Now bear in mind I'm not a *** person, I hate buying a new car but my SUV was coughing up blood and I had no choice. I had my own financing - no prob. They added the warranty, but after the low-key pitch it sound like a good deal (beside my last Vette was one mechanical disaster after another - when it was in shape it was a joy, but that was infrequent - sort of a love-hate relationship) They offered me $150.00 for my SUV and I was happy. Bluebook was $450 but I was fine with it, one less hassle. The Vette ran great, a few noises here and there, some pulsation with the brakes - but the overall styling had changed so much since my last Vette (13 years ago) I just figured things had changed. My wife stared telling me about the brakes pulsating and we both noticed clunking and grinding from the rear with high-angle low speed turns. Before the 30 day "all inclusive warranty" was up I took it in to be looked at by the Carmax "mechanics" in Orlando. I had five (5) problem areas I wanted them to check: 1. Cosmetic defect in the driver's seat fitting into the seat pan (actually identified by the salesman when I bought it who had said "bring it in and we'll fix it - no problem!" 2. Pulsating brakes that pull to left or right - worse with rapid deceleration. 3. Problem with center console opening 4. Problem with "clunking" noise and "grinding" noise with turns 5. Tire pressure sensors inaccurate need re-calibrating. When I picked it back up later that day I was told nothing was wrong, everything was “within normal limits” and they had lubricated the center console hinge. Went home – the read end noise got worse. Finally, on 27 August, I took it to Courtesy Chevrolet across the street from Carmax, also in Orlando. Turns out t he rear noise was a problem Chevy knew about, a service bulletin HAD been issues, the car was still under Chevy warranty (by one day no less) and they fixed it – FREE. Went home happy. Pulsating brakes started getting worse and the rear end noise came back. Took it back to Courtesy Chevrolet. – Then the bad part started. Rear end – under warranty from previous repair – taken care of. Brakes – disc rotors AND calipers shot x 4 – uneven wear. So bad it would have been clearly visible during the “under warranty” inspection at Carmax earlier when they had written “…checked front brakes for uneven wear – ok… checked front brake pistons and caliper slides for binding – none. No repair required at this time.(sic)” The icing on the cake was rotors, calipers etc. are not covered by the Carmax warranty. Contacted the local Carmax head of maintenance department (whose name I cannot mention but if you were to call Carmax Orlando and ask for the direct of maintenance, it would be him. To do him justice, he DID call back and proceeded to try to ream ME for everything being MY fault. I took his verbal harassment and humiliation as I figured it would be a small price to pay for them to pay for the repairs UNTIL I told him I was concerned about my wife driving a unsafe care for two months that should have been fixed when I first brought it in to Carmax. This “gentleman” began to laugh, yes LAUGHED at my concern for my wife’s safety. I that point I lost my “turn the other cheek” attitude and told him basically to shove Carmax up an opening in his lower body. Two days later I went to pick up my car (Chevy had to get certain parts mailed in). The Chevy repair person, God bless his naiveté,, had still been talking with this director of maintenance at Carmax and gleefully informed me Carmax WAS going to pay the bill. The bill was $1053.19 plus the cost of a rent a car for two days. He said he wasn’t sure if Carmax was going to send Courtesy Chevrolet the check or have me pay and then refund me. The next day, the Chevy repair person, called to say Carmax would be sending me a check and Chevy would charge my credit card. That was fine. I was happy. I was even reconsidering my evaluation of Carmax – i.e. maybe I had been wrong and they were stepping up to the bat to “do the right thing.” Today, Saturday, it has been thirteen (13) days since I took my car in for the repairs. Still no check (there never will be) still no apologies, in fact no communication except from the Carmax salesman who apparently naively believes Carmax will “do the right thing”. Again my experiences may be different from yours, (as my attorney reminded me to write) you might get treated right. The message is BE CAREFUL! Carmax is still just another used car dealership; packed differently, owned by Circuit City (really – look it up) but it’s still the scorpion and frog story. My suggestion, if you didn’t read the above and still choose to buy a car at Carmax. Choose the car, skip the extended warranty, and – no matter how hard it might be to do this – when you drive the car off the Carmax lot drive it directly to your prearranged service checkup with a local dealership. It may cost a dollar or two but you will know right away what’s wrong and be able to return the car to Carmax within 5 days and get your money back or at least force them to fix your car. Be careful, don’t make my mistakes. Personally speaking, based solely on my experiences (my attorney talking again) I would/will NEVER buy a car from Carmax again, in fact I would not buy a $10 bill from them if they only wanted $5. Final Scorecard: Courtesy Chevrolet Orlando = A+ Carmax Orlando = *** Of course your experiences my be different from mine . . . So what are your experiences? Michael
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I am bringing up old posts to prove carmax has a history of practicing bad business. My goal is to have as many folks read these old posts and compare them with newer posts.




:eek :upset :sigh .....emoticons cute little things when you\'re pissed......You wrote your plight well, I hope you have since had all your repairs and are enjoying your Vet.I purchased a Chevy Trail Blazer last summer @ a Charlotte NC location and did also purchase a 3 year extended warranty. Carmax skips hoops & jumps barrels when making the sale then something goes wrong and just try to get service!

October the \'service engine light\' starts up, call South Blvd local in Charlotte , was told 1200plus things could cause light and I should, \"spin and click my gas cap 3 times\". I\'m an educated person, majored in law, 30 yrs in my field and there I am clicking my gas cap!!!!Called again, light on & off, they can\'t make appointment convienent to my schedule, tried 4 times over 3 months, can not get the vehicle in. No one told me I could go to another CARMAX or the dealer.....(husband who listens to every detail also confirmed NO they did not add that in sales pitch)Forward to last Thurs. we realize inspection going to expire EOM, call for inspection, oil change and light my surprise once again I must wait into the following week to get it in there but finally someone with brain cells mentions I could go to another CARMAX!

I contact the other location in Charlotte and can drop it off Thurs night they would look at it Friday morning. Before doing this I bring it for an oil change and inspection to mechanics we trust & know.......all pass except the *** light issue, they do diagnostic and it is the cam sensor, must go to dealer and we do and drop off vehicle. Service guy nice, helpful did good job thus far. Most calls I had to make and they only get a \"D\" on returning calls.

Vehicle needs.......camshaft sensor, and thermostat sensor and steering rack and 4 new stabilizer links, they were playing (as does Carmax).......well good thing I needed my inspection huh?Move to Monday, many calls and p.s. NEVER GOT THE LOANER/RENTAL info they promised so tough ( :grin ) on me!Monday night finally pick up, unfortunately it is at the same time CARMAX\'s computer system NATIONWIDE according to them has just crashed......I had to pay my \'co-pay\' so I swipe, IT GOES THRU - SAYS APPROVED - and thank does not \"talk to the Carmax computers\" so 3 brain surgeons tell me it\'s some kind of problem on thier end, please swipe again it did not go thru. I knowing it did, hesitate and swipe, turns out the \"manager\" of the business office or so he posed as, keeps telling me he cancelled the transaction and continues to swipe my card 4 times and manually enters info into the \'crashed system they do not yet know has crashed!\" I tell them the card went thru....lo and behold after 45 minutes I realize I have a check with me, pay and go, get home later, online to bank and there it is, 4 consecutive charges from CARMAX out of my bank!!!!!

Call 7:30am yesterday on phone almost 5 hours back & forth, they claim they are still \'crashed\', I fax them the bank statement, they say they will handle calls back all afternoon........This morning funds still out of bank, I am now in full menopausal Sicilian B*&_*% mode.........the people I spoke to yesterday are convienently not in.......I call corporate in Richmond VA (800-519-****) FYI>>> Director of Customer Relations is Monica Westbrook (but of course she is only a voicemail 4x\'s - CEO is Thomas Folliard x2000 (but he does not take consumer calls) his admin that does take his calls but is a Katherine Roll x2002 (she is also a voicemail) but now all you readers have that info if needed. 1:45pm still on this, nothing resolved and they have my funds still tied up, they have passed the grey area of legalities, they have NOT followed the bank\'s instructions to resolve.I would not deal with them again for another vehicle, which is a shame because we will be needing a 2nd truck for my husband and 2 cars for our boys .....I\'m sure at this point CARMAX could care less about losing our sales , they will just find new prey.Complaints are filed this morning with the state attorney general, consumer affairs, BBB , FTC and Dun & Bradstreet just to humor myself.CARMAX has communication and proper training failure and would be well suited in spending constructive time in those areas.LAST note......they low balled on the rack, used NAPA aftermarket to save money instead of Chevy rack and listed on my work order, \"historically they have problems on the aftermarket and it would need to be replaced again\"..........aren\'t they bright????????????


i have purchased several vehicles from carmax with only one problem that was taken care of quickly.


Just to clarify, CarMax (KMX) is a publicly traded company and no longer owned in any part by Circuit City. Hasn't been since October 2002 (really - look it up).


Great attorney words, BUT CARMAX HIRED MOST OF CIRCUIT CITY'S EMPLOYYES, SO NOW THEY WORK FOR CARMAX!!! You have to be an attorney to understand your defense!


Hey folks, I loved reading this old post from 2007, and let me tell you things have not changed at carmax! Like I have been saying, carmax wont fix all repairs, they want you to bring the vehicle back after you PURCHASE IT!

Then when you do, they say they fixed everything! This is more proof that the 125 point inspection is BS! There is NO WAY carmax should have been selling this Vette to anyone!

It should have been completely repaired first, but like I say, carmax will not put all that money into it, because that would drive up the price on the Vette! carmax is full of *** and should not be trusted.

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Carmax buys your car. I don't think so...

Don't sell your vehicle to Carmax, they don't disclose their buying rules, until you sign over your pink slip to them. I recently sold my vehicle to them and much to my surprise, they made me wait over three weeks to be paid for my vehicle that they had...
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What a bunch of self righteous crybabies! Most people think their cars are worth full retail price.

If that's what you expect, sell it yourself!

You can't expect a reseller to pay you more than a car is worth they are in business to make money. :cry

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