Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7108 is fed up we agree with you 7110. Pretty much the same complaints just different managers but the same treatment.

The quality of our cars has gone down, the treatment of associates suck. Conditions seem to get worse by the day. Management shows alot of favoritism to certain associates. The current management team is the laziest managers i have ever worked for they say we don't need to work we delegate the work.

A few of them have no automotive experience and it shows in their managing capabilities. This company has gone down hill at a rapid pace.

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when you see a manager ask them about T.R.I.P.S. They'll be stunned.

We were taught to avoid "trips" when dealing with union activity. As I can recall, it stands for:






The managers are also instructed to tell you their "opinion" about unions. They have been pre-programmed on what to say. Deviate from the scripted and they are scr*wed.

When they offer their opinion about unions, tell them thanks you for sharing and turn around and walk away. You'll quickly notice the look of panic in their eyes.

Frankie S

I am reading these posts and have to check twice that this is carmax we are posting about, and not the C.I.A! I think employees should do just that EXKMX, and ask the managers about t.r.i.p.s.

As a matter of fact, carmax employees al over the nation should ask tomorrow! Really start messin with em.


So I see we have some new puppets from debbie sharp..but they are only talking to mechanics there are other departments you loss anyway probably same questions and we will get same results NOTHING!!!! That's why we can't wait for the union to get here....Oh yea they are coming...then we may get some results..something for the working man!!!

@Folliards Puppets

Follow through and make the union happen.I'm truly surprised nobody has been able to do this since Boynton. Speaking as someone who was on the inside, I can tell you that it just may be easier than you think. We had to go to union avoidance training and perform roleplays with the HR teams observing while we played the part of associates and managers trying to decide on the final vote to unionize. The people playing the role of the manager were trying to talk the people playing the associates out of voting for a union. During the training something became very obvious. If an associate is angry enough, and no longer cares about their relationship with carmax then there's nothing they can do to persuade them otherwise. They've crossed the point of no return.

This must be your mindset.

You will have to gamble that the union will improve your working conditions (which it very well may not) but, your working conditions will continue to degrade regardless if you do nothing. You may also lose your job. As a contingency, the "max" was going to close Boynton Beach if the union was approved, so they are willing to take the risk to protect the company.

No hope, no fear.

If unionized, you will be taking a stand not only for yourselves, but associates at every store. The news of union activity spreads like wildfire through the company. This will set a precedent which is what the "max" fears the most.

Frankie S

Hey EXKMX, I am willing to bet that the unethical ways that carmax does things will change. I also think that there is a good chance of sales people getting paid for the e-office shifts they are required (forced) to do.

If they cant earn commission while being in the e-office, then they need to be paid hourly for their time in there roughly 15 hours a week. This is a great day, and hopefully a union will happen.

@Frankie S


funny you mention the e-office. When I started my career at the "max" the e-offices were actual offices with doors where consultants could conduct their business without any eavesdropping. The consultants were designated for e-office jobs only. They loved their jobs and made good money. I knew a few that were getting close to six figures and never had to deal with walk-in appraisal only headaches.

The "max" saw how much money these people were making and did away with the program and implemented what you have today.

Frankie S
@Frankie S

EXKMX, So the e-office has changed mainly because the sales people were making too much money! Interesting, I wonder if tom was responsible for that?

It's ok for him to make millions, but *** if anyone else can do real well! I thought that was the idea of COMMISSION SALES?

carmax is a nazi regime for sure. It's too bad there isn't such a thing as maximum wage, so there would be a cap on ceo's pay.

Frankie S

At this point in tom folliards career, he doesnt have to care. He already has made his millions, and if he were canned, he would receive a huge severance.

Being a ceo is a win win.

Good ole American red white and blue *** Corporate America even has the judges in their back pockets. How does a Judge get talked into not openeing the last sealed envelope that would have voted a union in?

#714987 lets stand together against these tyrants. Follow this link and tell them you need representation.


Another smoke screen has been set..Folliard doesn't care and he doesn't show up..his fake pawns show up and walk around with smiling faces when they really don't care..once again nothing gets done..I hope the union gets here soon. Debbie, brave yourself because this will turn into a union.

Frankie S

I really can't say enough about tommy.


Slavemaster... Julie will continue to get away with disrespecting you, me and all of us.

She is protected by Debbie Sharp and everyone on the management team. Home office doesn't care either.

They've been told over and over again about Julie and she is still here. Try and find a way of getting on Debbie's good side....maybe you will be saved like Julie has been.

Frankie S

The drama and unprofessionalism at carmax is just mind-boggling. I just cant comprehend how carmax corporate expects the company to work like a team!

carmax talks about teamwork just like any other corporation/institute/company, but at the same time their policies, practices and greed does not support teamwork.

carmax HAS taken micromanagement to a new level as someone on this site posted. carmax continues on the path to giving themselves a bad reputation.


Blue folders, blue folders, ah, can't miss those...they always write and write and write...these managers should become writers, write novels for a living, fictional novels that is, that's what they do already. Now they think they are investigators, investigating the wrong people, ace ventura "pet detective" does a better job at it, at least he really gets the right people.

The managers are acting like their parents just came back home from a long vacation. They are acting really weird. They deserve an oscar. Can sombody please give them one.

Oh guys, come in early, and/or stay late, so management can get their bonus, screw your health, come on let's move it "couch potatoes".

And make sure you don't upset the girl in parts, she'll tell you off, gross you out by talking about her sexuality, and get you fired. Let's move minions....move, move, move.

Frankie S

So carmax employees, are you really going to put up with the Chicago market carmax employees receiving BETTER BENEFITS than what your getting? Mr.

Adolph Fooliard is keeping them quiet by giving them better benefits? If this is not a reason to strike I dont what is!

carmax drama is just like a lifetime movie, it keeps getting you and I more pissed off until the end of the movie. I hope carmax is close to the end.


It's Groundhog Day at 7108... Here they go again sending that worthless HR Debbie Sharp to ask questions on "how things are going" trying to get people to tell her who is complaining.

The truth is Debbie nobody is willing to speak to you. We've seen your lack of concern and lack of taking care of associates. Mr. Folliard, it's you who needs to hear what we have to say about your management teams and your regional team.

Debbie only cares because if we unionize at the Fort this will make it number 2 for Ms. Sharp.

Yes Debbie, everyone knows 7113 went to a union vote under your regim and having another vote could cost you your job. Care about us the way we need to be cared about.

Frankie S

A strike will get fooliard's attention REALLY QUICK. What's carmax gonna do, replace everyone without training the scabs?

It takes 4 weeks of training and costs carmax plenty of money to train. If a strike were to happen, there would be a chance to make some changes.


It's baffling how Baker and Sharp were able to hold onto their jobs after Boynton Beach.


Please help us Mr. Folliard.

You need to visit 7108. Managers walk around with blue folders all day long. They give you "feedback" about your uniforms... Tattoos showing, shirt not tucked in, not the proper socks, not the proper shoes but never recognize our work.

Associates are not treated equally. Female associates can disrespect others and they are granted excuses. They want us coming in earlier. The ops manager has named us potato heads for the challenged.

This is degrading, especially when he hands out a potato head toy every month. Mr.

Folliard, what will it take for you to help out this store? Outside representation is needed and many of us are on board to contact the union.


" Managers walk around with blue folders all day long. They give you "feedback" about your uniforms... Tattoos showing, shirt not tucked in, not the proper socks, not the proper shoes but never recognize our work"

Welcome to the new carmax. Your store is not exclusive to these behaviors by any stretch.

Managers are now required to make one entry in each employees ADF (associate development file) every week. The companies fascination with daily observations and feedback have taken micromanagement to a new high. It has also added stress for managers and associates alike. We used to call it "driveby feedback".

Folliard and his ilk created this caustic environment and it has spread from the top down. Things will only get worse until he's gone.

BTW. The people that patrol these sites for the "max" have moved on to You should post there as well ,)

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