Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7108 is fed up we agree with you 7110. Pretty much the same complaints just different managers but the same treatment.

The quality of our cars has gone down, the treatment of associates suck. Conditions seem to get worse by the day. Management shows alot of favoritism to certain associates. The current management team is the laziest managers i have ever worked for they say we don't need to work we delegate the work.

A few of them have no automotive experience and it shows in their managing capabilities. This company has gone down hill at a rapid pace.

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@Performance Management

Remember T.R.I.P.S particularly the first two letters ,) As an associate this will be one of your best defenses against the store management team's agendas. They are afraid and extremely under qualified to deal with union activity. Pressed hard, they will say or do the wrong thing. Guaranteed.

I knew of a TPM in Texas that was conducting the morning huddle with his techs and they began to complain about working 5-10s. At this point he was apparently frustrated with his job at carmax and told the ENTIRE team that they would be better off with union representation. He went on to tell them their working conditions would improve and they would have more security. It sent the entire region into a tailspin and there were people from the corporate offices in that store doing damage control for weeks. He was either the dumbest or most brilliant TPM the company had ever seen.

God speed and good luck 710

Frankie S

I would certainly say he/she was the most brilliant TPM the company has ever seen. :) He/she sounded pretty confident things would improve because things cant really get any worse at carmax. All this news is very exciting to hear.

Frankie S

You see, employees CAN get corporate's attention real quick! Keep up the awesome work guys, your passion and perseverance will pay off bigtime! 8)

Frankie S

The managers better not be touching any letters that dont belong to them. Store 7108 is on a mission and it's going to change the future of carmax.


Well well well a lot of technicians have received the letters that were put out into the parking lot Monday morning, managers tried to pick them up, but it didn't work, technicians picked up a lot of them in the morning, we have gained more people in our team, we are growing, we will be organizing ourselves better. Managers constantly look over your shoulder to see what you are doing on your phone, they come around acting extra friendly like they care about you and your family, at the same time they're coming around double checking everything that you're doing, the trip to Fort Lauderdale from corporate, has not done any of us any good, I guess it was a business trip or vacation for themselves, it seems that we are quiet right now but we have bigger plans.


Well couch potatoes, it's time we show this company we're anything but lazy. No action from corporate so it's time to take this to the next level.

Couch potato - someone who watches alot of television, no social life. We are better than this, so lets show them


Hmm, so looks like things are getting serious at "Da Fort". Managing through intimidation has back fired, we are fed up & have dealt with enough from this management team.

Cming around & pretending you care about the associates opinion won't work, this management team has already shown their true colors. We will deal with the injustices you have directed at us with the only way that we see can stop this, with outside resources.

Frankie S

carmax commercials are WAY OFF! I just laugh at these clowns.

The sad part is some of these clowns are circusing all the way to the bank. I wish people would wake up and stop believing in commercials!

Frankie S

It may be a good idea to talk about something really important in todays meetings that sales people are not getting paid for today. I would say management is most likely to avoid the topic of whats going on at carmax as far as unions and whats being said on these social media sites. You may notice managers may be "extra nice" and if thats the case, please feel free to share.

Frankie S

robnhood101 sounds like a man on a mission, I love that! Great luck with your project!

That's the attitude and passion that fed up employees need to have. I support everyone who is involved in taking a stand against carmax.

Is it me, or does carmax really think they are a fortune 100 company? lol


Pssst... Debbie Sharp, time to brace yourself.

You might have slithered by one union vote but you won't slither by this one. We know you're protected but your protection days are sure to come to an end.

Frankie S

Friday the 13th would be a great time to ask about t.r.i.p.s. at all carmax locations. After all it is pretty scary for management.

Frankie S

If there is going to be a union, have them check if the Chicago market is receiving better benefits than the other carmax regions. If this is true, hopefully carmax will have to do the same for others, or they may be guilty of discrimination.

@Frankie S

It was my understanding that technicians in the chicago markets were provided free healthcare.

Frankie S

That is just like carmax to do something unethical like that, if it's true of course. I am very determined to find out for sure.

@Frankie S

to me, it goes beyond ethics and actually demonstrates the power that the unions still possess in that market. Enough so that the "max" changed their policies to remain competitive.

Frankie S
@Frankie S

You have a good point. When a company is hit in the wallet, they will make changes.

I wonder if other store employees know that Chicago techs are getting free benefits? How can I find out for sure?

@Frankie S

They will now, me and my team will be working on a serious project informing every store about the Chicago, it's going to take some time but we will try to accomplish this as soon as possible even if we suffer consequences."A Message to all of those against us, we will win, we are tired of you, we will not take this anymore, and we are not afraid.


Holy smokes!! I just found this site, some of the guys are talking about this, I had no idea this was available, please contact me the same way you contacted the others, I also want the union to protect us, the managers are not walking around with folders ans are acting very nice and proper(this is *** they keep asking certain individuals what is being talked about in the meetings, and you know if you at least dont say something, you will be a target, when they leave.

We all know what's gonna happen as soon as ops mgr gets back. Good luck my friends, we better be on our very best behavior, this reminds me of Nazi era, mangrs=***, light blue shirt workers=jews, union=usa military.

Not sure how I can be contacted, but if there is a list go over it again, I will pay dues as well if its for fair treatment and no more paper trail againt us. I also want to add about the labor lines that they say are not to be approved, then why are they there, we try to do the right thing but they tell us not to put it in notes nor request for approval, but then when it comes back, we get hit with it on our reports, and then they proceed to talk to us and tell us that we need toimprove that, and what about when they are in full control of our productivity, but then they say "if your productivity doesn't improve you will be one of the next ones to go"

Frankie S

modernslave, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS SITE. I totally agree with you and EXKMX, and follow through with this.

You will be proud of what you accomplished someday for you and others. I also agree with the last part of your post, I have been saying for months in my post replies how contradicting carmax is. In my opinion, they do this on purpose to keep fear in employees.

I am so happy about all of this! :)

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