Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7108 is fed up we agree with you 7110. Pretty much the same complaints just different managers but the same treatment.

The quality of our cars has gone down, the treatment of associates suck. Conditions seem to get worse by the day. Management shows alot of favoritism to certain associates. The current management team is the laziest managers i have ever worked for they say we don't need to work we delegate the work.

A few of them have no automotive experience and it shows in their managing capabilities. This company has gone down hill at a rapid pace.

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Frankie S

carmax is big on getting customer e mail addresses. If you dont, managers get angry.

You can always say the customer gave you the wrong e mail, unless your being recorded of course in the e office.

There are sales people that use their cell phones in the e office so they cant be recorded. Chances are the customer wont be buying anyhting anyway, so no skin off the sales person.


I love it we are supposed to have 3 managers in the shop so we can get approvals done faster it still takes almost 2 hours to get a car approved and the only manager that can be found is luis who the *** knows where the other two are..Great plan carmax?? I guess no one the union is a must....its taking a little longer than we thought but they are coming.

But just keep worrying about the parking lot. Our management team are great lot attendants.

Frankie S

I go out of my way to tell everyone I meet about this company. The positive thing about it is the people I tell will say nice to know, I wont go there.

You would be surprised how word of mouth works, right carmax? Whay goes around, comes around.


some kid,



This place never surprises me!!! The solution that corporate came up with is to take one manager away (vic) to become a tech.promote some kid from inventory which they want us to train.

Just like carmax instead of fixing a problem they create another one to devert from first problem...they waste money by sending dante to VA. For training

That the biggest crock of *** I've ever heard. You can't fix ignorance and stupidity. But guess what tyrone is still MIA corporate is long gone and nothing ever gets fixed..



Frankie S

The quality of vehicles has gone down, and the treatment of sales associates suck, but carmax is a top 100 company to work for! Welcome to the Enchanted Kingdom.

Frankie S

To carmax corporate, let the games begin.


Let's finish organizing.....everyone is asking for the final details!!!!


Don't relent! Technicians from all over carmax are becoming aware of this.

Frankie S

Bad allergies today, good day to call out.

Frankie S

Sense of humor time, What do you get when you put sugar in a gas tank? You get a sweet ride.

Frankie S

I would love to see everyone call out sick. This may be the begining of hard times for carmax as a result of mistreating their employees.


Thanks for the call Tampa we up here in Mickey land are all for the fight agonist corporate. Sick out around the 13 th month would really get corporates attention.

We guys up here allfor the union. Tell Fort lLauderdale that we all in for this fight.

We will contact more people we know in other stores to keep this going. Everybody needs to unite.


Just got a call from Lauderdale boys and sounds good to us. I will pass the word around here in the Tampa store.

All of us have had enough of corporate too. I will saty in touch with you.

Let us know the sick out days. We are all aboard with you.

@West Coast Boys

Make it happen guys. Good luck!!


Hey Ft Lauderdale we are with you here in Miami. Just heard about sick out and joining the fight against corporate.

The union is the way to go. Keep us updated.


We've had enough corporate!!!!!

This is your last chance to take action Managers have started retaliations!!!

We thought Tyrone was our savior but he is gone and it wont be long until its completly back to HITLERS REGIEM (RICK). We are getting together with other stores that cant take it no more and we are going to come together as ONE!!!! We are going to do a mass exedous!!! We will all call out sick on the same day.

Maybe then you will take us serious. All we want is to be treated like VALUED EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!


Serious shortage of skilled auto mechanics looming – USATODAY... Chris Woodyard. Wow Carmax management! You should read this and learn to respect the mechanics.

Frankie S
@Had Enough

It's unfortunate for the mechanics, because decisions are made by management. This company has already changed for the worse, and it's just a matter of time before they collapse. tom decided to go in the wrong direction for the employees, instead he went the direction that benefits the shareholders and himself.

@Had Enough

Over the last couple of decades the auto industry has literally eaten itself alive. The manufacturers have done everything they can to drive down costs(cutting labor times/payouts)and this has put financial pressure on the dealers and they distribute that down to the techs.

Ultimately customers end up paying for it with high costs and shoddy work from techs who are rushing through services because that's the only way they can make money.

I wouldn't wish a career in the auto industry on my worst enemy. It's a dead end career.

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