Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7108 is fed up we agree with you 7110. Pretty much the same complaints just different managers but the same treatment.

The quality of our cars has gone down, the treatment of associates suck. Conditions seem to get worse by the day. Management shows alot of favoritism to certain associates. The current management team is the laziest managers i have ever worked for they say we don't need to work we delegate the work.

A few of them have no automotive experience and it shows in their managing capabilities. This company has gone down hill at a rapid pace.

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Who is this?


In our store the managers are so busy observing people they have no time to be real managers. Adam our opp’s manager is an ***, all he wants to do is flirt with the female associates and tells people how great he is.

Our General Manager sits in his office and fills out paperwork. I wish we had enough people here to get a Union going, maybe if you get it started others will feel better joining in. They won’t fix the things broken in our store or get us supplies we need, but like the other guy said they fly all the managers and their guest to Vegas and pay for their food, drinks and entertainment for a week.

We had a manager say it’s a good thing the HR guys were so drunk or half the company would have been fired. They took away the associates skills competition due to travel cost but the managers can still go party in Vegas, which says it all as far as how Cliff, Tom and the boys club think about the associates.


You have to work as one to get a Union going, but it would be the best thing for you. I spent many years at Carmax and the senior managers will do and offer anything to stop a union.

Be ready for a long drawn out fight, but don't give up. Big changes are about to take place in the FL region and they will not be in the best interest of the associates. The Florida associates can be the voice of the entire company. Work as one and you will succeed.

Why are the managers partying in Vegas all on CarMax while you are treated like a dog. Good luck I will be pulling for you.

Post back here if you ever need insight as to what corporate is doing. I have been through all the anti union classes multiple times.


All managers at this location, don't have clue as far as how to run a shop, they can't keep up with the experienced techs, they make their own rules and procedures in how to repair a vehicle, without any knowledge or experience whatsoever, they have completely slapped and disrespected the automotive industry in the face, we need a union, like NOW!!! Come on guys, this is a career we have chosen, let's protect it, from these lazy, wanna-be military managers, you know who i'm talking about John Collins, don't give me that smile, and corny jokes you try to fool me with!! UNION, UNION, UNION


This is an open call. CARMAX EMPLOYEES NEED A VOICE!! Unions please help.


The united autoworkers union will be conducting a campaign to unionize carmax. Please let everyone know to contact the UAW to findout more info.


beware of robert cornwell. he was transfered there from 7110 after being demoted.

He is dumb as rocks has a bad temper and is a racist ***. He should not be working for this company. How he did not get fired for what he did no one knows. He must have someone in corporate like Tom Nolan protecting him.

He should not be working for this company and should never be put in a position to be a supervisor of ANYONE. he cant even manage himself let alone others...he is a lost cause and a complete ***

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