Carmax has the potential to be a great company, but the managers who run certain stores destroy it by far. Store 7107 with Operations Manager and his management team are by far close to a communist regime. I've seen great employees leave or get wrongly fired because they stood up to the management team or operation manager. The cool line or associate help line is all BS; it's used to find who is complaining and to be retaliated against. The management team seems to be a whole bunch of people who were nobodies in high school or have been bullied back in the past and are taking it out all on us. They are control freaks also, micro managing to the fullest. They don't want human beings who think for themselves or stand up for themselves, they want robots.

How can a manager in operations tell a Tech how to do his or her job? And not be a certified Tech at that. Whoever created the standards for passing and failing inspecting vehicles needs to be fired. I've seen breaks on cars, and tires that should have been changed. I seen broken seals that needed to be replaced, they are more concerned about their numbers and how many hours a Tech can make on fixing these cars. I predict a law suit one day, when a customer's breaks give out and an accident happens. All because they wanted to reach their numbers or the wonderful standards, which is a crock. I think someone in Corporate has nothing else to do but to make our jobs harder. That's another problem; the managers always try to fix a system not broken.

I can write forever on this. All I can say is that associates are reaching their breaking points. It's like we are trapped in another dimension. The company needs a great change, needs to go back to being family oriented. But that's all a dream.

Now I know why Unions are coming around. But I'm sure one of the Carmax Corporate goons or snitching managers are going to come on this post to discredit us. Go ahead and try, because we all know what type of people we are dealing with. So I say, spread the word and fight back.

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As a former employee, I can say not only is their management style very arrogant, but their business practices as well. Talk about "low, no haggle pricing" I call BS, their vehicles are outrageously overpriced.

I remember one "SmartClip" covering an objection where a customer found the same exact vehicle at a nearby lot for $3000 less. I went over the dialogue and thought BS, in MD all used cars have to go through a 120pt inspection by law, overemphasizing the 125 point inspection is annoying.

Obviously, Carmax needs to stop living in the 1980's and realize we are in the internet age, customers are more well informed and will turn to the internet for all buying decisions and realize their "lowest, no haggle price" is not at all competitive with what other dealers are offering. Word of advice, do better market research, understand your customers and your competitors, if you don't study your competitors, you will lose customers.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #722373

I will say it again, any company that pays mechanics to find problems with a vehicle should be handed over to the mob, and see how fast that would change. folliard is really asking for trouble.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #722224

I agree 7150 is no different then what everyone else has posted. Jeremy forrest is a wolf in sheeps clothes. I hate working for carmax!

North Attleborough, Massachusetts, United States #689280

So carmax store 7107 is the worst. Anyone know what store is the 2nd worst?

Eastchester, New York, United States #689075

Where is the work/life balance working at carmax? 5 out of 6 weekends is CERTAINLY NOT A BALANCE by any means.

You sales people are being manipulated by this evil company.

Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. You all are miserable and you need to face up to it and admit it!

Eastchester, New York, United States #689074

I think all carmax stores suck!

Eastchester, New York, United States #688669

Thats how carmax wants to do business. They train their employees constantly about customer service, and carmax wants a very good voc (voice of the customer) but in reality, carmax just is interested in numbers and profits.

Eastchester, New York, United States #688388

Working for carmax was a nightmare come true.

Eastchester, New York, United States #687213

Your exactly right on target with your complaint, anonymous! I truly believe that corporate loves the power and loves to make our jobs harder.

These people have ego's like you would not believe. The great thing is, when they all die, they cant take their money!

Leesburg, Florida, United States #686890

Wow, I was a potential customer, but after hearing all this about the leadership at this specific site...I will take my business elsewhere.

I hope this issue/situation gets better and leaders > lead, coach and mentor!!

to Mr G Eastchester, New York, United States #687073

I am pretty certain things wont get better, Mr G. For things to get better, carmax would lose money and the shareholders will not like that.

So. it's not about the customer at all, at all!


I agree on everything you guys posted, I have seen to many people fire for no reason. When a manager doesn't like you they find a way to get rid of you. Carmax top100 business to work for, that's ***

to Carmax ***k Eastchester, New York, United States #687075

Glad to see so many of you are agreeing on how carmax really is. This is the new ONE VOICE POLICY.


wow i thought it was just me and some of the guys at this store that felt like this but *** is so true the management is such *** at this store is not even funny...how is a manager gonna tell a professional how long to take on a car when i know *** well from my experience how long it takes, yet the manager has only watch from afar without getting dirty...so full of *** man freaking *** in disguise, and yes ill be looking for another job in a few months carmax aint worth the money for the *** i have to listen to.


Adam at 7107 is a complete *** bag. He moved up in the compant because he was Deborah Helms puppet.

He has been caught several times cheating on his wife with associates. His wife knows it and so does hid father in law.

He is complete *** and has no work or personal ethics. His personal decisions just go to show he cares only about Adam.


I am from 7108 and we know your pain at 7107! We used to have that nit wit Adam down here.

You want to know why he has a job and how he got to where he is, just ask who is father-in-law is! Much like every store in Carmax, management is not what you know but who you blow, or in Adam's case who blows him!

Much like the "home office" I monitor these websites to gain the full understanding of each stores unhappiness. And to let each store know that we associates much join together nationwide and be heard. Tell corporate we are tired of abusive and incompetent management, times being cut for commissioned associates, and hours being cut for hourly assocites, all the while store managers keep their full(overpaid) salaries and get bonuses, and corporate managers get raises and travel by private plane!

It is time that the wirkers, the ones that make these managers their money, reckaim control over our futures! It is obvious they, the home office, do not care about our concerns! At 7108, the UAW, has been contacted because we feel we need representation and protection from out of ccontrol management. We urge all associates to join the cause and help return Carmax to a respectable company once again!

Feel free to read the posts here under "carmax 7108" and see we are trying. So as the backbone of this company, lets stay united and stand strong against this tyranny and take our company back!


The Ops Manager at 7107 is HORRIBLE!!!!!! A total tyrant!

How did he even get this job? He is a total joke and everyone hates him.

I agree with one voice!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!


Adam is by far the worst ops mgr we have seen come though this store. His reports are full of bs & lies. All the garbage he has been dishing out will soon becoming to a screeching halt.


Carmax CCR is Adam so next time just say what you really want. You are only a poppet any way. Corporte little due BOY!!!!


Hey Tom Noland wrote the standards so he should be fired but good luck in that his face is sooooooooo far up Tom Foilards *** you can't find him. The standards are don't fix anything just pass the car and hope no customer complains.By the way type in carmax 7108 and see how those guys are handling there problem.

Maybe we should do what they are doing go with the UNION!!!!! LET'S STAND AS ONE FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!

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