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I have a 2014 Infiniti QX60 that has never been in an accident and meticulously serviced by the dealership. The car has high mileage, but other than that, it is in great condition.

Carmax offered me $23,000 for my vehicle. I saw the exact model with the exact mileage as mine offered on their website for $34,998.

This means they would make $12,000 on my vehicle. I understand they are in business to make money, but that is over a 50% mark-up.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $4200.

Preferred solution: More reasonable mark-up of 20-30%.

I liked: Convenience.

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It doesn't mean they will make $12k on your car. You are assuming that by comparing the retail price of a similar car.

There are many variables. There are many considerations in valuing a car. Just one consideration is their inventory needs. Carmax may not have needed your vehicle on their lot and it would go to auction.

The system is set up very tightly to allow convenience for the customer and a reasonable profit for Carmax and is unlike any other out there. Nobody is forcing you to sell for any amount, the choice is yours.


You don't understand how it works. Carmax won't make $12,000 on your vehicle.

They don't make that much on any one vehicle. I used to work there. There are too many variables between vehicles, even the same make/model/year. What they offered you was what they could pay for your car that day, and good for 7 days.

The system is set up with strict guidelines and worked by knowledgeable associates.

You might be able to get more if you sold it yourself, just might. When you factor in carrying insurance, buying gas, repairs, waiting for the right buyer, etc., it can actually pay you to sell it to Carmax.


Screw this company in the *** with a cactus. These are ripoff artists, pure and simple. Stay far, far away from them if you value your hard-earned cash.


Profits go to shareholders and Toms account and corporate gets bonuses. Welcome to capitalism. If they offered you a fair price, there would be no capital gains.


What is the blue book price?


to Anonymous #1089927


Blue book wholesale is $26,900

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