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I bought a car from CARMAX in March of 2010, I put $1000 down and financed the rest. The reps were very helpful in the store, and as everyone knows a cars value goes down once it's taken off the lot, well apparently so does CARMAX customer service.I've had the car for 17 months now of that time I have only been able to drive it for the first 10 months. It has been in and out of the shop getting fixed for numerous problems. My headlight was the first problem, no big deal I switched the bulb thinking that would fix it, but it didn't. I took it to 3 dealerships before they told me it was the TPIM that had gone bad a $750 part. I called carmax and they were no help they said that since I didn't purchase the extended warrenty they would charge me full price. Um thanks guys! After my headlight went out my car started making a terrible noise, so back to a machanic I went, they told me it was the alternator another $300 I had to pay and that was just for the part. I make good money, but not enough to having to keep fixing the lemon CARMAX sold me. Well! When everything was finally fixed or so I thought, I took my car to get it inspected. It FAILED, to be honest I wasn't even shocked. I got failed for ball joints, loose control arms, and brakes. WTF, I'm sorry but ball joints and control arms?? They should not have gone out this fast, neither should the alternator.

So I called up the awesome service center at Dulles and I got the run around. Well ma'am you didn't get the extended warrenty but we can fix it. Yeah I know you can; do you except arms and legs as payments? My right arm is one heck of a good arm. Hopefully it will cover the expenses you plan on charging me.

Well I fixed everything my car failed for, and guess what it passed. Buuuut can't get too excited just today my car decided it was going to go nuts, I had many warning lights come on and my car wouldn't go past 10mphs with the gas pedal all the way to the floor. *did I meantion how much I loooove my car* So I called up CARMAX, a manager at the Dulles CARMAX who was a giant B word, sarcastic, rude, disrepectful, and talked down to me. Told me the only way CARMAX could do anything with my car is if I brought it down there, it is over an hour away from where I live. I am not driving a car that far that I DO NOT trust. I mentioned that if I drove it down there and it died on the way there if CARMAX would cover the towing bill. Her repsonse was it is not their responsibilty to make sure the car gets down there. By this point I am agitated and trying to be nice, but I can only *** my tongue for so long. So she asked if I had gotten the extended warrenty, sarcastically I responded "yeah, because I can afford a $500 car payment". She then told me she would not tolerate the sarcasim. If I'm not mistaken CARMAX has a commercial that states "You pay good money to have a good car" In my opinion, that is the biggest line a BS ever. They do not uphold their motto.

All of my friends, family, and co workers have told me thanks to my experience with CARMAX they will NEVER give their business to them.

I am already in the process of getting everything ready to take them to court, they sold me a lemon and will not do anything to fix it. I told them that I do not want my car any longer and they can take the loan and eat it. The responce I got back was they will appraise it and give me the vaule of the car. Ummm I think not, I have learned my lesson and just wish someone would have given me a heads up before I wasted so much time, money, and energy on them.

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Wow. I bought a car at carmax a few years ago.

Yes did have a few problems (power windows). I did get the extended servive plan (about 1,200), so it was no big deal. Car was in the shop for 5 days each time(parts)....

But they paid for the rental and called every day. I will buy from them again.


You didn't mention the make, model, or mileage. If it was a higher mileage car some of those things are going to happen, but it is unusual for all of them in so short a time.



Actually an extended warranty can greatly change the cost of a used car. It added about $3750 to my Ford Explorer when I bought it, haven't had to use it once so should've just risked it, but either way, it can easily at up $4000 to the cost of the loan!


Thank you for the feedback. We would like to speak with you about your experience. Please give us call at (800)519-1511 Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30am - 8:00pm (EST).


Honesty, it was because of the money. I can not afford to have a $500 car payment. I make good money but not enough to afford to pay for the car and all my other bills.


Why didn't you get the extended service plan? Please don't say because of monthly payments, I know it doesn't change them that much.

Just be honest and tell me why you didn't get it. 'm asking solely for research purpose

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