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Car max is horrible! I thought their slogan is they wouldn't let u drive off the lot if they didn't get u finance.

Not only did they tell me i wasn't finance they told me to bring the car back and said i had to wait 5-7 days to get my down payment back. That is such a inconvenience to a working woman with kids. Not only is it an inconvenience its delaying the process of me getting another car.

I know there car sells man but all these lies is not called for. Dont go!!!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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CarMax put me in a car, let me drive off telling me it was a done deal. Then they call me back saying the deal didn't go through.

I ask for my down payment back, they told me it had to be mailed to me.....***.

I did finance at Clay Cooley Motors, if the deal is not funded through the bank then the down payment is not shipped off. Don't buy through CARMAX they will ***.


Carmax is the worst I'm glad I did take the car back it was a waste of time period.


Our mechanic discovered the car we bought from them was a lemon so we returned it on day 3 of their 5 day policy. We're on day 19 of waiting for them to refund our down payment.

We call everyday to see if they've sent our check yet, everyday they give us some story as to why it's not here yet.

We can't move forward with looking for a car without it. Very frustrating!!!!


I took my car for their trade in value after 3 hours wait.They offerd me $10000.00 less than my car value.It was a complete waste of time I put my car on line and sold it the very next day for $10000.00 more.They just make it look like you are getting a better deal.WASTE OF TIME!!Don't believe them...


Me and my wife experianced the same things, they required us to bring cash, when the deal fell through they said had we paid with a credit card they could have put it back that way, for now we are stuck with no car and a 5-7 day wait before we can shop else where.


They would get their car back in exchange for my downpayment money. If I had to wait 5-7 days I would have brought thast *** back in 5-7 ziplock bags.


thats not carmax's slogan... bad credit is nit their fault

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