Carmax - Liars! Lied about the car I was going to buy.

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Jan 04
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I went to carmax because I found a genesis coupe there!Very rare car to find with low miles 21xxx.

So I went and test drove the car and fell In love with it, and the mileage and price was extremely good 20k. There was another genesis at a Hyundai dealer but it got sold the day before. So I was stuck with Carmax...Then I tried to lower the price because both tires and brakes were worn out. The sales lady said no we don't negotiate prices, so I was like okay!

But it's still weird that they are so worn out for 21xxx miles she replied "that's normal we see it all the time" first dad then came to look at the car he opened the oil cap on the valve cover and held his hand over it and the car was spitting up way too much oil, caused from regular wear which means the car was driven a lot longer, the sales person went on to say "that's normal we see it all the time"...lie number then we walked into her office and I asked for the carfax she then goes to say they don't do carfax..lie number three as I start pulling the carfax on my phone she brings out a copy of the carfax and the first listing is the registration second is oil change at 3xxx 'lies and the a bunch of sketchy re registration points and then another clock in at 17xxx miles...she then goes again to say "that's normal we see it all the father was livid, and walked out. I'm younger so my mother was going to co sign for the car but then ended up just deciding to buy the car herself, but they wouldn't keep going with us because she wasn't the "primary driver" like who cares aren't you trying to sell the car, then I asked to speak with a manager who was extremely rude to me so I asked for the supervisor who was hard headed and ignorant and wouldn't listen to me because I was young and my mother didn't speak too much English. My dad was extremely livid and said I'll help you pay the difference were going to buy new car at a Hyundai dealership, we then went to a Hyundai bought a brand you genesis coupe, and we figured that new tires and new brakes only made a difference of about 2 grand. So the one time I tried Carmax I had the worst experience there.

I talked down the price at hyundai and got a bunch of stuff on the side. The car was 25some I took it for 23some! They are mean and greedy their 150pt inspection is a bunch of ***! If you buy from there beat your car for the next four days go to a mechanic and if anything anything at all comes up return it right away!!!

They don't deserve the satisfaction of hurting people with broken cars..

Also I drove a Subaru STI which was supposed to be stock, I got in and aftermarket exhaust new gauge pillars engine work the entire thing was worked on and 11xxx miles' my god liars! Liars!

Liars.Do not trust Carmax...

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62 of 607 Carmax Reviews

Feb 01 Louisville, Kentucky

You'll have to excuse big Al. He's one of the "PR hogs". Their one & only job is to go on sites like these and defend the company from all the people they screw over. They're called the hogs because carmax released a picture of them & they're all fat & just terrible to look at. I'm so glad you're angry Al. Hows sales this fiscal year? Still in the decline? :)

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Feb 01 Washington, District Of Columbia

That SOB al is in total denial! He knows what is going, and the only thing he can defend is his words about "being illegal". That is all these phat bastads can say that make them feel good.

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Jan 09 Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Have to believe it was you and your father trying to work a deal on Carmax. You start off by saying the price was good but then you make a couple of dubious claims about tires and oil spitting up too high? Yet you want to buy the car anyway, at least you did until you tried to run a 'shill buyer' deal where a third party purchases a car for someone else. That's illegal by the way. If you are under aged an adult must buy the car and their name must go first on the title. Oh, and Carmax does not do Carfax they do auto check. It's available free by mouse click and the system requires them to show you the AutoCheck before you can buy.
Glad to hear you bought a Genesis new for a couple grand more. It must have been a really stripped down model because a New Genesis typically goes for 30-40 grand.

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