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how carmax treats its sales associates

  • by   Dec 14, 2012
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Company Carmax
Product / Service Ex Employee
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
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when an associate goes to work at carmax...if they dont sell a car...they will pay you minimum wage but as soon as you sell a car on the next pay check they will take that money back.SUCKS pretty bad coming from a fortune 500 company.

They also demand that an associate come in for training and you dont get paid for that either. CARMAX needs a UNION to deep them from *** on there employees.

The company acts like Russia also, by recording calls and dont ever try to post anything on FB.because they dont want the truth about them to come out.


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Apr 05  from Washington, District Of Columbia
Since carmax makes employees pay for their uniforms, I suggest wearing the uniforms in public and if anyone asks how carmax is just tell them the truth about your experiences.
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Jan 01  from Washington, District Of Columbia
Imagine a sales person selling a vehicle that has a $40,000.00 sticker price, and earning a commission of $160.00! Hopefully the sales person has a great sense of humour, because you really need one to get by.
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Dec 21, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
It's the time of year that companies show some kind of appreciation and gratitude to their employees for having a successful year with plenty of profits. Many companies throw a great Xmas party, or give a generous bonus, or both. The companies that do these things will usually have employees that will go out of their way (even if it's not in their job description) to benefit the company that they work for because people will feel appreciated in what a company does for them. carmax is not one of those companies.
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Dec 17, 2013  from Charlotte, North Carolina
I agree 100 percent...ive worked part time for many years and they steal time...money and treat us like a throw away rag....they allow other sales consultant s to steal your deals and dont care....I have worked thousands of hrs for nothing but making them money and the russia comment is right on track....they want slaves.
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Dec 17, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
Imagine hundreds of consultants working hundreds of hours, and carmax doesnt pay them unless they sell! When they do sell they make $160!! You are expected to attend meetings, be a secretary for 15 hours a week, do lock ups, listen to phone calls, watch videos, do role plays and NOT GET PAID FOR ANY OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet if you go in on your day off, nothing is said. FUUUK CARMAX. One day, these greedy corporate figures will have their judgement day, and they wont be able to take their MONEY with them. :)
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Nov 24, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
I find it very ironic that carmax listened to the customers about their car buying experience, and came up with the no haggle pricing. It was a concept that made carmax successful. The ironic part is that they dont want to listen to their employees and make changes. Their Kompass surveys wont even let an employee say what they think.
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Sep 13, 2013  from Davie, Florida
Join carmax 7108 and 7110 to unionize, chicago store did. We have over 60 employees onboard, read our postings, we need to get the whole company on board.
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May 27, 2013  from Jeffersonville, Indiana
Well I look at it like this: CarMax jacks up the price of every car they sell. CarMax squeezes every penny from the customers, ops associates, & customers. In other words, if a union were to dig their claws into CarMax, the ONLY place left to squeeze is the money from corporate & all the managers. One by one, they will start cannibalizing & eliminating each other. The company will have no choice but to restructure. And since Folliards company is now made up of Taco Bell & Tmobile "yes" men,(who know jack about the auto business) the company will most likely not survive. I think its a fantastic idea
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May 27, 2013  from Monroe, Louisiana
That's right, hit them right in the wallet where it counts most. In the mean time, anti-carmax customers can test drive any vehicles they want with not much intention to buy. I think carmax needs a taste of their own medicine, and see what it's like working for free, that's just the way it is.
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May 26, 2013  from Savannah, Georgia
The last thing carmax needs is a union. They explain the pay, and you accept. Its the fault of the individual if they don't think the pay through. Its like working at McDonald's and *** about the pay. If this was ESPN we would be saying "Come On Man!". Just cuz 20 or so complain about working there does not mean its bad. Can not please everyone. On the paying then taking if you don't sell, Sears does the same thing, not just them.
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May 27, 2013  from Northford, Connecticut
They do explain the pay and you do have the choice to take the position. That is not a problem. The problem is there is no pay for doing all the "required" tasks at carmax, unless you sell a vehicle, and even then they pay PEANUTS! They micro-manage the *** out their sales teams, and you end up being a secretary for them working 15 hours a week or so, for free. My point is, carmax will work the *** out of you, for as little pay as possible. The quality of their vehicles is a whole other story, and I know more than just 20 employees complain!
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May 27, 2013  from Northford, Connecticut
carmax is the type of company that is not built for the long haul. They are the type of company that will make enough money for the shareholders, by screwing customers and employees and then when they are bankrupt the ceo and shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank. Then they can invest in a new company, do the same thing, and the beat goes on. It was Circuit City before carmax, and it will be another company after carmax. In the mean time, employees and customers are the suckers.
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Feb 17, 2013  from Louisville, Kentucky
I'm black and obese. This company needs a union desperately.
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Feb 16, 2013 
Did CarMax explain when hiring you about how you would be paid? If they did and you are still unhappy, you should go to work somewhere else. And, FYI, ALL companies are in business to make money. Duh. They are not there so you can have a job.
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Feb 16, 2013  from Springfield, Massachusetts
carmax does explain what they pay, every company does. The problem is after working there for a couple of months, you realize that $160 per vehicle is very unfair. You do not get a percentage of the price of a vehicle, you get a flat commission. So you dont think carmax makes money? Of course ALL companies are in business to make money, BUT carmax pays ***. Even the top sales associates agree with me, as a matter of fact, other associates said it to me first and I agreed. There is a lot of profit to be made in used vehicles, but the greedy at the top take it. If I sell a $90,000.00 vehicle I get $160.00!!!!!!!!! You have to friggin laugh, you have to find humor in these things!
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Mar 01, 2013  from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Every time you post a response, it becomes more and more apparent that you have NO idea what the *** you talking about.

If they buy a car for 10,000 and sell it for 13,000, how much did they profit?

If they buy a car for 86,000 and sell it for 91,000, how much did they profit?

Lets see how smart you are... Feel free to email me at tsnpagel@yahoo.com with your answer. I look forward to the laugh.
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Mar 02, 2013  from San Jose, California
Ringleader (although he posts way too much)is right on. CarMax is just like JD Byrider. First, you need spellcheck. Second, other dealers pay a percentage of the profit. Third, CarMax has their employees working as hard as they can while paying them as little as possible down to a science. And last of all nobody is *** enough to email you so you can track them down & fire them. Stick a sharpie up you aze & rotate it.

Mar 02, 2013  from Branford, Connecticut
Your saying "if"... if my aunt had b@lls, she would be my uncle! Is it not possible for carmax to buy a vehicle for $86,000.00 and sell it for $95,000.00? The fact is a sales consultant only makes $160.00! The turnover for sales consultants is very high, and justifies carmax is one of the worst companies to work for. I recommend you keep reading all these pages of employees bashing carmax.

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