Carmax - Four major problems in six months

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Dec 12, 2013

CARMAX hides behind their 150 pt inspection.According to two employees their inspection is like this: roll windows up and down, check.

Lights turned on, check, cruise control works, check. My brakes went completely out after two months and after I bought it back to be fixed found out they didn't change brake pads because their minimum is 4mm. I spoke to three mechanics and at 3mm brakes pads should be replaced. Their practices border on fraud, at least deceptive.

So in six months: brakes fixed, driver window gears stripped, cruise control shorted out, battery died and needed replaced, brake pads need replaced.Don't confuse them with a certified used car.

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Feb 13 Washington, District Of Columbia

I am willing to bet carmax has it's share of problems also anonymous. Any company that operates the way carmax does, will have it's share of problems. It will only get worse for carmax because the leadership is not leading, the leadership is actually "draining" the profits until the ship sinks. It's sad that it will always be a win-win situation for the greedy at the top. The worst that could happen is the leader will get millions in severance to step down. The game is fixed, the tables are tilted.

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Dec 14, 2013

The CQI sheet that the tech uses, and the invoice in ERO documents the brake pad thickness during the inspection. You can ask them to see the repair order for the vehicle as any service consultant or manager has access to it.

I would imagine that the brakepads were just at the 4/32nd minimum and the manager declined repairs or the tech has at some point just given up asking. Prior to the recession, Carmax would have done the best thing for the customer and spent $40.00 to replace the brakes. Now, carmax does the best thing for T-fo.

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Dec 14, 2013 Washington, District Of Columbia

I have to laugh, if carmax just pays the tech to find and fix the issues, and does not have to pay a manager, then its a win win for carmax. Why the hel does carmax pay all these people to work there? carmax managers are the bloodsuckers of the company. Then carmax tries to justify that their vehicles are priced according to condition, so if the tires are worn but meet carmax standards, then the price of the vehicle is lower. If the brake pads are worn but meet carmax standards, the vehicle is priced accordingly. The whole *** concept and business practices of this company is just marketing to rip off consumers. Why makes carmax think that customers are ok with bringing a vehicle back for repairs soon after they purchase!!!! :(

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Jan 31 Cicero, Illinois

Sure, you can _ask_. When I bought my car from them-- going back to the dealer for the second time in three months-- I asked for exactly that reason, so see how far in spec the brake pads ad other wearing parts were.
I was informed coldly that it was against CarMax policy to show the inspection reports. (I should have walked right out the door, but I had a rather urgent need for a vehicle.)

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Dec 12, 2013 Washington, District Of Columbia

I agree, and I actually said the same thing about don't confuse carmax' 125 point inspection to a certified used vehicle. I think their should be law documenting how much pad is left when selling used vehicles so consumers are aware.

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