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I bought my 5 th car from Carmax and never had an issue, never.Maybe I was lucky?

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I have bought my last 3 cars from Carmax on Callaghan in San Antonio and am very satisfied. The concept of having multiple makes and models on one lot, no questions asked return policy, 30 day fix it policy, fair value on trade ins, no charge access to cars from nearby cities, cars with very low mileage, professional staff, clean reliable cars, on-line viewing as well as on the lot, large sales floor, excellent follow up, I mean, come on now, be... Read more

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Worst car buying experience EVER! I wouldn't even give them one star but I had to give them something to write a review. Only reason I went there is they had a car I wanted; what could go wrong, right? They say they stand behind their cars, yet they told me, after throwing down $42K, to take my truck to Dodge to be fixed. The salesmen (I had two), didn't want to know me once they closed the deal; said they didn't know what to tell me. ... Read more

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I purchased a Chev Equinox from Car Max of Hoover, AL in July of 2016. The general sales manager Oscar Cultemeyer didn't care that I was a unhappy customer. He could taken the car back and let me pick out another car that I would have liked. I had only put a few hundred miles on the car and it was in the same condition as when I bought it. I would have been willing to take some loss on the car and I probably would have bought a more expensive... Read more

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Car buying was the best, referred at least 6 people over that bought cars, 3 alone just in our family. Not sure if I'll refer another person, not even a person I don't like. I have the extended warranty with the $50.00 Discount on the deductible if taken to Carmax. This tells me they want to service your vehicle. I have driven for 30 years and have managed a fleet of 40 vehicles, I have never had such a frustrating experience. Car breaks down... Read more

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Most of the people at the carmax in cranston r.i. are good people..but when i bought my 2005 chevrolet corvette a week later i had problems and the car has still not been fixed properly 10 months later. They have no idea what they are doing and the cars they sell are definitely not worth the money they ask for them. In my opinion my car is a lemon and i feel as if i was ripped off and it was not worth the money i paid for it. I wont be buying... Read more

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Carmax is just another cult. They always preach about there culture. They brain wash you into doing everything there way. They want young mindless employees to train. You want to advance, you will have to relocate. You are always being watched. They waste so much time having meetings about meetings . The mangers are carmax robots who have no thought process of there own. They cant talk using plain english. Its always a reply with carmax... Read more

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  • Aug 11
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Never buy car from CarMax they are reapoff. As well they have a very shallow and cheap finance system. Never get finaced by car max auto finance.REAP OFF AND CRAPY

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I purchased an Audi A6 " 2006" - the car has been great. However, due to being layed off and job hunts - I fell behind on my payment 1 month and got caught up. Then a year later went through a divorce and fell behind again 1 month and once again caught up. I remained in contact w finance company. They granted me two extensions to get caught up. I was thankful. Meanwhile the late payment fees were paid! NOW ( today) they tell me I have a... Read more

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Their financing group is horrible. I lost my job and fell behind a few payments. I kept in touch with them and eventually caught up. Work was slow and I fell behind but NEVER not paying something towards a delinquency of 2 months. I do not like how they immediately send out for repo. I'm like really CarMax. I'm keeping in touch I'm paying, I'm not hiding and your immediate response is to repo the car. How about working with customers who are... Read more

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