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Our daughter had a tear-able experience with Carmax, stay away from them, not as good as it looks on the surface. She bought a car and her trade in was never transfered so she started getting tickets in the mail from all over LA, Carmax finally sent a letter to the state but not before collection agencies started calling! She found out the car had been in an accident, Carmax said it had a clean... Read more

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One of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. I went to this location less than a week ago where I found a car I definitely wanted. During the financing check I told them that I had just quit my job but that I was starting a new one in less than a week. The Sales associate decided we would use the info from the job I had just quit due to the fact that I had paycheck stubs from... Read more

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The first car we bought from Carmax was great. We had no problems. This one is another story. Through no fault of Carmax there is something wrong with our car. The problem I have with Carmax at Fountainhead is the way they've handled the situation. They've now had our car (which we got in Dec) for over three weeks. They misdiagnosed the problem so we had to wait for 10 days for a part (the wrong... Read more

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After a week the warranty company has yet to respond for repair authorization. Add comment

Carmax is the New WalMart....there largest used car dealership in US. Corporation worth Billions!! Profit margin is insane, Carmax make 4-7k per car on there lot...don't believe me? Go appraisal your car at Carmax and look up same vehicle on Carmax will see $5,000 differents. I personally track over 32 cars by vin number vehicle I purchase from customer...2-3 weeks later vehicle... Read more

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As your public service announcement today and forever... DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM CARMAX. I purchased a car 10 months ago, day 2 took it back due to the steering not being right and have spent the last few months being bounced from Carmax to Kia then back again. I was told, "It is windy outside, you know a car gets blown around by the wind, right?" and "Your tires are rotting from the inside out."... Read more

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The Carmax non inspection and quality issues have been discussed to death in multiple posts, if you are considering buying anther problem is for emissions reasons there is a lot of new unreliable unproven technology on newer cars much of which also renders them unreliable and thats in addition to Carmax cover ups. Ford Focuses all have junk transmissions-30k on backorder at Ford and still... Read more

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I decided to purchase a car from Carmax after getting approved through, They recommended Carmax to me and after doing some research i found a car i liked and began the process to purchase the car from Carmax. The car was a 2013 fiat 500 abarth with under 17k miles on it, after purchasing the car and owning it for just under 4 months many issues started to arise with the vehicle the... Read more

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Ok where do I start. First off I drive for Lyft and Uber. Anyway, call Carmax about a car I had seen online that I was interested in buying. When the salesman asked me what I would be using the car for I told him rideshare. He told me that Carmax will not finance anyone who does rideshare ok fine so I got a better deal on a loan at another bank. Also, they scam you into buying this maintenance... Read more

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Bought this car for my son who is in college. Overall easy buying process but the 125 point inspection is almost worthless. I was replacing rotors, pads, tires just after three weeks. Windshield wiper reservoir had a crack in it and fluid rushed out over my garage floor. They supposedly inspected it (and fixed) right before my son left for school. They eventually addressed it during the... Read more

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